Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Confessions Of A Knife

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Confessions Of A Knife
Label - Wax Trax!
Released - 1990
Style - Druggy, Industrial Dance

"I live for drugs"
"I freaked out very very badly.... Freaked out - on acid."

(from TKK's website)
TKK formed in 1987, when two Chicago club kids took the soundtrack for an art film project they were working on, and transmuted it into one of rock’s most influential alternative industrial acts. The title of the film became the name of the band, and Franke Nardiello and Marston Daley assumed the stage roles of “Groovie Mann” and “Buzz McCoy”, rounded up some of their night crawler friends to complete the cast, and hit the highway!

Playing up the B-movie theme, TKK incorporated the use of horror film imagery and bizarre vocal samples within a unique mixture of electro-glam-punk-funk-lounge music. They created an over the top stage show full of glitz, glam, tease and sleaze. A revolving cast of musicians, performance artist, fire-breathers and their own Russ Meyer-esque back-up group of voluptuous vixens, known as the BOMB GANG GIRLZ, rounded things out.

1 A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid Flowers Mix) (5:29)
2 The Days Of Swine And Roses (6:01)
3 Hand In Hand (6:15)
4 Waiting For Mommie (5:23)
5 Confessions Of A Knife (Theme Part I) (2:59)
6 Ride The Mindway (7:11)
7 Rivers Of Blood, Years Of Darkness (6:12)
8 Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix) (4:09)
9 Burning Dirt (5:02)
10 Confessions Of A Knife (Theme Part II) (3:42)
11 Do You Fear (The Inferno Express?) (Bonus Track) (4:32)

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*** Thanks to the big boss Carlos Nuñez for playing me this record back in the day! Come to think of it, Carlos deserves props for playing me alot of the Wax Trax stuff (Ministry/Coil - LSD/etc.)... as a matter of fact, props to the entire Nuñez clan for all their massive musical influence on me. Fugazi @ Ft. Reno weekend shows, the Danzig show, all the hardcore shows @ Sanctuary Theater, and tons of underground musical knowledge. Plus all the introductory heavy metal shit they schooled me on. Big big props! ok callate, esteban...

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