Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blackbeard - I Wah Dub [1980]

Blackbeard - I Wah Dub
Label - More Cut (UK)
Released - 1980
Style - Electro/Dub

Produced by Dennis Bovell
Recorded & Mixed at Gooseberry's Studio
Engineers : Mark Lusardi & Dennis Bovell
Mixing Engineers : Dennis Bovell

(from Rough Trade shops)
The classic dennis bovell album where he experimented with electronics; this 8 track album has been unvailable for years...

Born in Barbados in 1953, reggae guitarist Dennis Bovell (sometimes known simply as Blackbeard) was one of the key figures on the London reggae scene of the late '70s and early '80s, not only as a solo artist but also as a producer. The band Bovell co-founded in the mid-'70s, Matumbi, was one of England's first self-contained reggae bands, and also one of the best; in addition, Bovell released several albums of solo dub experiments, which often featured jazz-pop keyboardist Nick Straker and producer Tony Mansfield (Captain Sensible, New Musik), both old school chums. As Blackbeard, Bovell released Strictly Dub Wize in 1978; he quickly became involved in production work for experimental post-punkers like the Slits and the Pop Group. I Wah Dub appeared in 1980, carrying on Bovell's eclectic sensibilities...

1. Electrocharge
2. Steadie
3. Jazz
4. Reflections
5. Blaubart
6. Oohkno
7. 'Nough
8. Binoculars

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Xanthe said...

Thank-you! This is my mums favourite album and she's well chuffed I found it.

Átila said...

Dude, your mom should be awesome!