Friday, June 1, 2007

MC Paul Barman - Its Very Stimulating

MC Paul Barman - Its Very Stimulating
Label - wordsound
Released - 2000
Style - hilarious nerdy ivy league whiteboy hip-hop

Nobody else seems to understand why I think this is the best thing ever. This guy is SUPER white and way nerdy, plus he got Prince Paul to produce the album. PLUS he rhymes about a Lacoste alligator chasing an opposum and being 'fricking awesome.'

1. An Introduction
2. Joy of Your World
3. School Anthem
4. Salvation Barmy
5. I'm Fricking Awesome
6. MTV Get Off The Air, Pt. 2

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Justin said...

I'm with you. MC Paul Barman is fantastic.

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pataphysicien said...

Sadly, this link is dead.