Friday, June 8, 2007

V/A - Mind Your Release * Relapse Promo sampler

V/A - Mind Your Release [Promo Sampler]
Label - Release/Relapse Records
Released - 1997
Style - Dark Ambient/Noise/Experimental/Electronic

* was never in stores
** promo sampler for Release Your Mind compilation on Relapse

Track Listing:
1) Trial Of The Bow - Borderland
2) Amber Asylum - Dream
3) Solarus - Negative Polarity
4) Namanax - Released
5) James Plotkin - Intruder?
6) Subarachnoid Space - L.A. Makes Me Uncomfortable
7) Con-Dom - Lose Control
8) Runzelstirn And Gurglestock - Zerrhohe-Schlagpunkt (Edit)
9) Dissecting Table - Mask
10) Japanese Torture Comedy Hour - Voltage Monster
11) Haters - Burst
12) Masonna - Spark

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icepick method said...

Great post, thanks!
This comp contains one of the only dissecting table songs i don't have in my physical cd/vinyl collection.

XMP said...

glad to fill in the blanks. now i'm looking for Release Your Mind comp this was a promo for...

Anonymous said...

Oh crap. Sorry. Nevermind. Wasn't paying enough attention. I got the "Release Your Mind" comp from Borders. This looks exactly the same, but is not! This is clearly a shortened promo for Release Your Mind Vol. 2 which was 3-CDs.