Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cedric Im Brooks - Im Flash Forward [Dub]

Cedric Im Brooks - Im Flash Forward [Dubs]
Label - Studio 1 (JA)
Released - 1977
Style - Dub/Reggae

Tenor saxophonist Cedric "Im" Brooks is one of Jamaica's most adventuresome musicians. Born in 1943 in Kingston, Brooks has the heart of a bop jazzman beating to a reggae rhythm, and his experiments with ancient rasta nyahbinghi drum patterns has led him to fuse elements of calypso, rhumba, jazz, Afro-beat, funk, Latin, and soul into a totally unique, Sun Ra-like synthesis. His first notable recordings were done with trumpeter David Madden in the late '60s for legendary producer Coxsone Dodd. Brooks soon became a mainstay at Dodd's Studio One recording facility in Kingston, joining with fellow Jamaican jazz musicians like Ernest Ranglin, Jackie Mittoo, Roland Alphonso, and Vin Gordon to form a loose confederation of players that constituted the greatest house band in Jamaican musical history. Their various Studio One backing tracks have been versioned repeatedly and form the very backbone of the island's musical heritage. Brooks released a marvelous album called Im Flash Forward playing sax over some of these famous tracks in 1977. He teamed with nyahbinghi drummer and bandleader Count Ossie for two groundbreaking albums that fused rasta drumming with jazz overtones: Grounation and Tales of Mozambique. With his own orchestra, Brooks released The Light of Saba in 1974 and the multi-layered, big-band masterpiece United Africa in 1978. Combining traditional African and Jamaican approaches with what comes closest to free jazz, Brooks has continually given himself no limits, and his body of work is as fascinating and indispensable as any other musician on the island. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide

A1 Glory To Sound
A2 Give Rasta Glory
A3 Father Forgive
A4 Walking Through
A5 Free Man
A6 Right On rasta * [hidden track]
B1 Right Time
B2 Smiley
B3 Why Can't I
B4 Idle Berg
B5 Picture On The Wall
B6 Sister Enid * [hidden track]

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Slobodan Burgher said...

Hi, saw your comment over at Mr Magoo's blog on Bad Brains; you mentioned a HR record...WHERE IS IT?????!! Lol. I had a 12" which was really cool but I think it must have gone in one of my stupid vinyl sales...anyways, was shouting far and wide for someone to upload it (as it's so, errr, erraticly good) in the blogosphere recently so if you care to do so: I will be ever so appreciative! Until then, think I'll have a look at your past posts, looks very cool so far. Oh, and added a link on my blog...Cheers!

XMP said...

word - thanks. Definitely got the HR record original release (ain't seen it before anywhere) but won't be able to upload it til this weekend. Thanks for the link-me-up and I will do the same...

Slobodan Burgher said...

good stuff, will hang around eagerly droolingly etc heh!

Anonymous said...

thanks, much appreciated!