Sunday, June 17, 2007

21st Century Dub

21st Century Dub
Label - ROIR
Released - 1980 / re-released - 1991
Style - Dub

[from ROIR site]
For Fans Of: Bob Marley, On-U Sound, Mad Professor, Word Sound I Powa, Badawi, Lee Scratch Perry, Bill Laswell

An amazing but true story about an experimental dub session organized by BOB MARLEY in Jamaica in 1979!!!

In 1979 during a visit to Japan, Bob Marley met the acclaimed Japanese percussionist Pecker. Pecker, a big fan of reggae, convinced Marley to bring top Japanese musicians (mostly members of The Yellow Magic Orchestra) to Jamaica to mix it up with the cream of Jamaican reggae artists, to jam and play out in informal dub sessions at both Channel One and Tuff Gong Studios. The astounding results were released only in Japan on two separate LP's in 1980.

"Some of the best dub of all time. This complete reissue of two Japanese LP's ('Pecker Power' and 'Instant Rasta') combines the best of classic mid-70's dub (Joe Gibbs 'African Series', Pablo, Tubby styles) with the best in technological advances. Quite simply, classic." - Peter Wright (now GM of Rykodisc) 1987

1. Pecker - Mystical Cosmic Vibrations (5:24)
2. Pecker - International Orchitis (4:10)
3. Pecker - Pecker Power Part Two (1:25)
4. Pecker - Pecker Power Part One (5:07)
5. Pecker - Concrete Jungle (5:11)
6. Pecker - Militant Sniff (4:27)
7. Pecker - Jamming (4:11)
8. Pecker - Mystical Electro Harakiri (5:02)
9. Pecker - Beggar Suite Part 1 (4:54)
10. Pecker - Beggar Suite Part 2 (3:32)
11. Pecker - Beggar Suite Part 3 (2:49)
12. Pecker - Dub Jam Rock (4:50)
13. Pecker - Kylyn (6:42)
14. Pecker - Dr. Dr. Humanity (1:18)

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stu said...

Excellent thanks,i used to have this tape in the car,and as is the way of these things it got lost/broken/borrowed gone,be good to hear it again groovy stuff

XMP said...

Killer. That tape was a mainstay in my car back in high school, and this post was per request by an old high school buddy. We used to drive around in various hazy states, and this tape + aswad + dub syndicate would be in constant rotation. Glad to bring it back.

snowbewon said...

Yesss, thanks dude, this is just as good as i remember it being, plus i had totally forgot that Bob Marley was involved. Wicked Awesome!

Aribus said...

Great blog! Great music! Great selection and great writing!

XMP said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Greetings supe!

I was just surfing the net and came across your site.
I really like the vibes you supply and love your reviews and info.

So I'm really interested to checkng this album out.
I've come across it a few times but although I listened to reggae since at least 1975 I wasn't really into dub until '87 or so.

Thanks to your review I'm a check out if this an album ripe for purchasing!

Don Julian

yesIah garvey said...

you're fantastic !
please you or any of your friends if you're ever on facebook visit us at Trim table Radio ! will be checking back often, Love it !!