Friday, June 8, 2007

V/A - Rise/Converge

V/A - Rise/Converge
Label - Collision Substance
Released - 2000
Style - Electronic/Experimental/Ambient/Downtempo/Noise

Notes: Compiled/Sequenced by the good buddy Kurt Gluck of Ohm Resistance.

(from Brainwashed)
Kurt Gluck explains in the rather impressive booklet for this CD that he wanted to arrange a collection of various artists that could be listened to together in one listen. It makes sense reading this after the first listen through, as it was difficult to pick out which track was which artist, or even where the track ends and the new one begins. The package is wire bound and has stiff die-cut pieces of cardboard, black pages with amber printing. The artists featured include Scorn, Tactile, Aube, Nigel Ayers, and many others. The music is dark and rich, full of dub influenced rhythms and noise influenced frequencies. The disc can serve both as backround music or for deep listening purposes, and should definitely be played in the dark.

01 Hayleck - PM (Havana 1961) (6:19)
02 SU8M3RG3D - Exothermic Sculptures (5:50)
03 OCOSI - Xes (3:43)
04 Nigel Ayers - The Abolition Of Memory (3:41)
05 Zerfallmensch - Prone (4:11)
06 Mothboy - Angelique (4:32)
07 Zenopede - Hate Couture (5:30)
08 Nos - Difetto (4:27)
09 Obsequie - Flipbeat (5:59)
10 Scorn - Stinger (6:53)
11 Aube - Muse On Thrum (4:47)
12 Tactile - Growth And Form (5:13)
13 Erem - Spirit Vacating (5:22)
14 Kanal - Ocularis (3:17)

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H. said...

Sounds awesome! Will give it a go.

XMP said...

Dr. Glock will not disappoint. Dude's a maniac for real.