Thursday, June 7, 2007

jhno - Membrane

jhno - Membrane
Label - Delicate Ear
Released - 2000
Style - Electronic/Ambient/IDM

jhno, a.k.a. John Eichenseer, began releasing music in 1995 under his own label, Delicate Ear - including three full-length cd's (understand, KWNO, membrane), and a 12" single (Fly). He is also a member of SPOOL (with John Ridenour) and CRATER (with Scott Amendola, Nels Cline, and others).

Playing piano since age four, jhno has studied jazz, classical, electronic, and ethnic music. These elements are intertwined in his studio compositions, which stretch to connect drum&bass with gamelan, jazz with ambient, experimental with downtempo. His music has been praised by critics and listeners alike as a unique and mind-bifurcating synergy of technology and organic processes.

jhno is also well-known in the world of music software, primarily for his work with Cycling '74 on Max/MSP, Pluggo, and radiaL - a loop-based music application based on the tool he developed for laptop performance with the bands Wavelord and CRATER.

jhno wrote music for modern dance and experimental theater in Austin, Texas, in the early 1990's. He moved to San Francisco in 1994, and spent the next decade contributing to the local live jazz, ambient, and improv scenes - performing with many diverse musical groups,solo concerts and dj sets, and organizing all-night ambient listening events at the warehouse space where he lived, 964 Natoma. jhno is currently living a nomadic life in Europe.

1 Prelude (7:32)
2 Unlimited (5:31)
3 Raise And Illuminate (7:47)
4 Ska Pastora (7:53)
5 Hatch (7:15)
6 Moment Two (7:58)
7 Ovaltune (7:25)
8 Resonance (22:05)

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