Wednesday, June 6, 2007

B-52s - Mesopotamia (produced by David Byrne)

*Special Request from the Lee Factory*

B-52s - Mesopotamia
Label - Island (UK)
Released - 1982
Style - Electronic/Synth-Pop/Progressive

Notes: Produced by David Byrne
[xmp notes: not a big B-52s fan, but this record is dope.]

A1 Loveland
A2 Deep Sleep
A3 Mesopotamia
B1 Cake
B2 Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can
B3 Nip It In The Bud

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Lee said...

Thanky mi brethren! That sure was a fun time at Orpheus. Let's do it again reeeeel sooooonnnnnnnn

XMP said...

Lemongrass bœuf nam viet a gwaaaaaan

Christopher said...

Great to have this vinyl rip. The CD version of this EP was apparently remixed so as to remove all the more interesting production techniques that Byrne brought to the project following My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. This version is infinitely preferable!

Christopher said...

Further to my last post, I notice that these are *not* the timings listed on the scanned label, the much fabled longer versions available only on the Island label in non-US territories. "Loveland" for example is listed on the scanned label as 8:33 but clocks in here at 4:59, the same as other copies. Any one have the extended versions?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the vinyl rip.
Yes, I have been looking for the extended versions as well.
Might just have to order it on vinyl.

Anonymous said...

original extended version and newer remixes: