Thursday, June 21, 2007

A.R. Kane - 69 [LP] (1988)

A.R. Kane - 69
Label - Rough Trade (UK)
Released - 1988
Style - Prog Rock/Synth Rock/Indie/Ambient

(from wiki)
A.R. Kane (or A R Kane or A.R.Kane) were an experimental 1980s and 1990s British dream pop band. Their name derived from the "A" in Alex (Ayuli) and the "R" in Rudi (Tambala), the band's core multi-instrumentalist duo. The duo hailed from the East side of London. Often surrealist and usually danceable, due to its strong dub influence, the band's music is seen as a seminal influence on genres such as dream pop, trip hop, acid house, and post-rock. Their lyrics frequently dealt with such topics as water/oceans, love, colors, childhood, and dreams.

(from 4AD)
Although they spent only a brief period on 4AD, A.R. Kane had a hand in the most freakish success in the label's history. The studio-based outfit comprised East London duo Alex Ayuli and Rudi Tambala, who described their music as "dreampop". After releasing their debut EP on the One Little Indian label, they moved to 4AD in 1987 and issued the Lollita 12", which was produced by Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins. Alex and Rudi then left for Rough Trade.

During their brief stint on 4AD, A.R. Kane had taken up Ivo's suggestion that they collaborate with labelmates Colourbox. The session produced a sample-heavy dance track titled "Pump Up The Volume", which was released under the name M|A|R|R|S and astounded all concerned by reaching number one in the UK charts. It remains the biggest single in 4AD's history.

A1 Crazy Blue
A2 Suicide Kiss
A3 Baby Milk Snatcher
A4 Scab
A5 Sulliday
B1 Dizzy
B2 Spermwhale Trip Over
B3 The Sun Falls Into The Sea
B4 The Madonna Is With Child
B5 Spanish Quay

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alain said...

Graet post. Didn't realize they were this good!

XMP said...

Baby Milk Snatcher is one of my favorite tunes ever.

Ahirrô said...

Thank you so much for uploading. Like three years ago was impossible to get some of their music via internet.