Thursday, June 7, 2007

Slayer - Haunting The Chapel

Slayer - Haunting The Chapel
Label - Metal Blade
Released - 1984 [re-released 1993 w/ Aggressive Perfector]
Style - Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal

"Blackened magic infest with lust
Lucifer rules supreme
The crystal ball shows unknown fate
The last thing that's heard is the screams"

- Haunting the Chapel

(from allmusicguide)
Boasting the awesome "Chemical Warfare," a regular staple of Slayer's live shows, the Haunting the Chapel EP was a more crucial stepping stone in the legendary L.A. band's career development than many give it credit for. Issued in between the band's very promising debut and the following year's more sonically ripened Hell Awaits, Haunting the Chapel offers important clues about this transition period, which saw Slayer's rock-based song structures give way to the non-linear, genre-defining style thereafter regarded as thrash metal's signature sound. Among the uniformly solid cuts here, the enduring fan favorite "Captor of Sin" is another highlight, making this a well-recommended release for committed Slayer fans.

1 Chemical Warfare (6:04)
2 Captor Of Sin (3:31)
3 Haunting The Chapel (3:58)
4 Aggressive Perfector (3:30)

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H. said...

Classic album! When this came out they became my fave thing ever next to Venom! Lemme know if you need any other Slayer albums! :)

XMP said...

definitely need more Slayer. Got some Venom that I'm about to post very shortly actually. what happened to your profile??? seems to have disappeared!

Anonymous said...

link no workie :(