Friday, June 29, 2007

King Tubby - Water Dub

*1st out of 3 in this special King Tubby tribute set comes from Library of the Lee.

King Tubby - Water Dub
Label - Lagoon
Released - 197x
Style - Dub

Mount Zion Dub
Sensimilia Dub
Jah Guide Dub
Skanking Dub
Tribal War
Don't Touch Dub
Wicked Dub
Love Up Dub
Straight Dub
Narrow Dub
Firestick Dub
Water Dub


Can't find the cover art to this, so there's a pic of the mighty King Tubby in his natural element instead.

About King Tubby, from BBC website -

* He was very skinny.
* Started his musical career as a soundsystem repairman in the late 1950's.
* In 1964 he started his own sound system, Tubby's Hometown Hi-Fi.
* Discovered dub while working as a disc cutter for reggae producer Duke Reid.
* Liked to keep the studio very neat and tidy.
* He designed the circuitry for Lee Perry's legendary Black Ark studio.
* Dancehall producer King Jammy's served his sonic apprenticeship with Tubby.
* In 1989 he was shot dead outside his home. The murderer has never been brought to justice.

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