Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coil - (Unreleased?) Themes for Hellraiser

Coil - (Unreleased?) Themes for Hellraiser [The Consequences of Raising Hell]
Label - Torso/Solar Lodge
Released - 1990
Style - Industrial/Experimental/BM-Inducing Scary Shit

1 Hellraiser Theme (2:49)
2 The Hellbound Heart (2:21)
3 Box Theme (3:04)
4 No New World (3:57)
5 Attack Of The Sennapods (1:54)
6 Main Title (3:13)

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***This is what got me interested in 'Industrial' to begin with. Thanks, Mr. Sam Ruddick! I think I was about 13 or 14 and my brother's best friend saw me listening to Slayer and all that... told me about this band called Coil who made the "scariest music" he'd ever heard. Sold! Upon searching for this I finally found it hidden away at either Borders Books or Orpheus Records in Georgetown. I didn't necessarily think it sounded all THAT scary but the tiny note in the margin of the cd sleeve flipped me out...

"The only group I've heard on disc whose records I've taken off because they made my bowels churn. - Clive Barker"

(*note: Now that I'm older and appreciate the vast musical landscape, one look at the release catalogue of the Torso label really really impresses me...)

(random info from -
Clive Barker and Coil were friends during the early 1980s and it's been frequently noted that he was inspired to write "Hellraiser" from some of the literature and art Coil used to collect. Naturally he wanted Coil to do the score but while initial reports claim their music was "too scary" for the film, the reality is closer to that of the Hollywood studio wanting their own chums to do the work.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Awesome find!

XMP said...

best when listened to in the dark ;)

Alex B said...

Great and sinister disc. perfect sound track to the movie. And XMP is right: to listen to it in the dark...

Nenaphyr said...

Fond flashback: I made a cassette copy of this back in the day from a friend's coveted album (on pink vinyl -- a limited addition, I think ... oh, the jealousy...), at two different speeds.

If you think the designated one sounds creepy, try playing it on 33 1/3. It's like the midway music for some demented carnival on massive loads of 'ludes and codeine. It fit nicely on one side of a cassette that I finished out with some early Dead Can Dance. One of my favorites, long missed.

Cheers for this.

mike kemps said...

A cool rarity. Thanks for sharing