Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marcos Valle - The Essential Marcos Valle [Vol 2]

Marcos Valle - The Essential Marcos Valle [Vol 2]
Label - Mr. Bongo
Released - 1996
Style - Brazilian, Lee Library, Instrumentals, Latin, Samba, Bossa, Jazz, Funk

(from liner notes)
The second collection of essential recordings of Brasilian superstar, Marcos Valle. Compiled by Joe Davis & Kevin Beedle. It chronicles the choice instrumentals and song-based sambas which earned Valle a reputation as the leading light of 60s samba.

(review from Dusty Groove)
Amazing! One of our favorite records of all time! We totally love the work of Marcos Valle -- and we can honestly say that he's probably our favorite Brazilian artist ever. Valle had an incredible musical vision, and he was one of those rare Brazilian talents -- like Edu Lobo or Egberto Gismonti -- who would forever change the face of music with his unique concepts. This set includes some of Valle's best-ever work -- much of it long out of print and never properly reissued before. The groove begins with bossa nova, moves into baroque pop, jazzy funk, and incredibly complex MPB. Titles include "Tanto Andei", "Wanda Vidal", "Batucada Sergiu", "Azimuth", "Deus Brasileiro", "A Morte De Um Deus De Sal", "Garra", "Previsao Do Tempo", and "Taio Branco Forte".

1. Marcos Valle - Os Grilos (2:23)
2. Marcos Valle - Tiao Branco Forte (2:33)
3. Marcos Valle - Previsao Do Tempo (3:35)
4. Marcos Valle - Mentira Carioca (2:04)
5. Marcos Valle - Tanto Andei (1:44)
6. Marcos Valle - Seu Encanto (2:28)
7. Marcos Valle - Gente (2:23)
8. Marcos Valle - Com Mais De 30 (2:44)
9. Marcos Valle - Garra (3:01)
10. Marcos Valle - Deus Brasileiro (2:24)
11. Marcos Valle - Amor De Nada (1:58)
12. Marcos Valle - A Morte De Um Deus De Sal (3:00)
13. Marcos Valle - Wanda Vidal (2:09)
14. Marcos Valle - Revolucao Organica (3:00)
15. Marcos Valle - Batucada Surgiu (2:20)
16. Marcos Valle - Azimuth (2:40)


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Marcos Valle - Previsao Do Tempo

It's great! It's very VERY groovy. Thank you from cold Russia!!!