Friday, November 30, 2007

Various - Quad Star Revolution Volume 1 + Volume 2

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RE-UPPED 03/29/08
Various - Quad Star Revolution Volume 1 + Volume 2
Label: Moodisc
Record Date: 1970-1976
Album Style: Deejay, Dub, Early Reggae, Instrumental, Lee Library

Harry A. Mudie (born c. 1940 in Spanish Town, Jamaica) is a Jamaican record producer.
He attended St. Jago High School. In the mid fifties, he launched his own sound system "Mudies Hi-Fi", before going to the UK to study electronics and photography. He traveled back to Jamaica in the late 50s. His first production was "Babylon Gone" (1962) by nyabinghi drummer Count Ossie and saxophonist Wilton Gaynair (released in the UK in 1962 on Blue Beat). Mudie spent his time in the 60s mainly operating his "Scaramouch Garden Amusement Center" in Spanish Town . He came back to music in the late 60s with the launch of Moodisc label and by recording artists such as Winston Wright, Winston Shand, Lloyd Jones, Count Ossie and the then-unknown I Roy. In the early 70s, he was the first to record Big Joe. Another first was the use of strings in reggae (John Holt "Time is the Master" in 1973). During the peak of his music career in the mid-late 70s, he worked with Gregory Isaacs, The Heptones, Joe White, Prince Heron and others. He has produced numerous musicians on his different labels which include Moodisc, Jungle, Afro and Jukebox. Mudie relocated to Florida in the 80s where he still resides.

1. I Roy & The Ebony Sisters - Let Me Tell You Boy
2. Mudies All Stars - Let Me Tell You Boy Dub
3. Prince Heron - Spanish Town Rock
4. Mudies All Stars - African Home
5. Big Joe - Woodcutter Skank
6. Mudies All Stars - Woodcutter Dub
7. Mudies All Stars - Margaret Dub
8. I Roy & Mudies All Stars - Drifter (Rap)
9. Mudies All Stars - Drifter Dub
10. Big Joe - Black Stick Rock
11. Mudies All Stars - Black Stick Dub
12. Mudies All Stars - Grass Root Dub
13. I Roy & Mudies All Stars - Heart Don't Leap (Rap)
14. Mudies All Stars - Dub Them Heart
15. Big Joe - Lick Them Face
16. Mudies All Stars - Dub Them Face
17. I Roy - Musical Pleasure
18. Jo Jo Bennett & Mudies All Stars - Hot Pop
19. Big Joe & GG Grossett - Dub Girl Run
20. Don D Junior & Mudies All Stars - T-Bone Girl

Bass: Val Douglas, Jackie Jackson
Drums: Michael Richards, Lloyd Brevett
Guitar: Hucks Brown, Jeffrey Chung, Mikey Chung
Piano: Gladdy, Theo Beckford Organ: Winston Wright, Robert Lyn
Alto Sax: Carl Bryan, Herman Marquis
Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook, Val Bennett
Trombone: Rico Rodriguez, Don D Junior
Trumpet: Jo Jo Bennett
Flugel Horn: Jo Jo Bennett, David Madden
Percussion: Danzel leing, Uzziah Thompson, Larry McDonald, Bongo Herman

Produced by: Harry Moodie
Engineered by: King Tubby, Harry Moodie, Sylvester Morris, Syd Bucknor
Recording Studios: Studio One, Harry J, Dynamic
Mixing Studio: King Tubby's



Anonymous said...

very very hot! Bongo Herman is my second cousin from mother's side of mi family. thanks for uppin this man!!

Anonymous said...

This might be the WORST cover art i've ever seen! Very deceptive of the QUALITY choonage which lies within!!!

Anonymous said...

Respect! This is an excellent album!!