Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prince Lincoln and The Rasses - Vortex Dub

Prince Lincoln and The Rasses - Vortex Dub
Label - Orange Street
Recorded - 197x-198x
Style - Roots, Dub, Reggae, Josh Vibes

Playlist :
Love The Way It Should Be (Previously Unreleased)
Kingston 11 (Previously Unreleased)
Mechanical Devices
People Love Jah Music
Peoples Minds
Natural Wild
Interstellar Over Dub
Nebular Dub
Time Wharp
Universally Dubbed
Terrestial Dub
Dub Vortex
Cosmic Silence

Engineer : Prince Jammy & Sylvan Morris & Norman Mighell & Stuart Anderson & Jerome Francis

Producer : Prince Lincoln Thompson

Limited to 3000 copies Prince Lincoln's mega-rare dub tracks originally issued on vinyl and limited to 500 copies only. Features two previously unreleased tracks 'Love The Way It Should Be' & 'Kingston 11'. Orange Street. 2002.




Anonymous said...

Wow! those vocals make me wanna shit in my hat! what a shame that dude wasn't born w/out a voicebox.

Quim Doctors said...

just GO ahead now.

Anonymous said...

The track names seem to be off a bit here. Also I was hoping for a dub of Humanity [Love The Way It Should Be] it is not among those here. Speaking of that song, I think John Legend should have listened to the song more than a couple of times before he tried to cover it. I guess Quest Love's overseers handpicked it for them to do good choice. Next time they should make sure that their artists are up for the task. RIP Lincoln Thompson, prophets are not respected in their own time.