Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dark & Deadly Dubs. A Dubstep mix.

Sorry I'm really busy with a million things this week and probably most of next week, so I don't have any regular posts like I normally have on thursday/friday. But I did just recently finished a new mix. It's Dubstep, which is what I've been listening to alot lately. For those who don't know, Dubstep is sorta the latest genre craze in the UK and beyond - that sounds cheezy but it's for good reason. It combines the sounds of Dancehall, Reggae, Dub, Industrial, Metal, Breakbeat and elements of Jungle and it's such a relatively new format that it hasn't been completely exploited by the major labels yet. So its a very 'fresh' sound; there are more and more new and young Dubstep producers popping up daily it seems - and each one brings their own special mutation to the table. It's reminiscent to me of the energy of the original Jungle scene back in 1994 when everyone was experimenting with different sounds and tempos and production styles. So yeah - grab the mix and meditate on the bass. Lots and lots of bass.

The first four tracks are remixes of classic tunes you probably will recognize. The first of course is Moments in Love (1985), one of my favorite songs of all time. The second tune is 'Digits' which is a dubstep take on Kraftwerk's 'Numbers' from 1981. The third tune is 'Creal' which is a relick of Cybotron's classic 'Clear' from 1983. The fourth song is Loefah's 'It's Yours' which is an extremely deconstructed dubstep version of the classic T La Rock tune of the same name. Good stuff.

Style: Dubstep, Dub, Grime (Instrumental), Bass, Breaks, Space

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PMX DJs - Dark & Deadly Dubs - Volume 1
October 2007

1. Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Caspa Remix)
2. 6blocc - Digits
3. 6blocc - Creal
4. Loefah - It's Yours
5. Komonazmuk & White Boi - Search For Truth
6. Scanone - Atlas
7. Random Trio - Press Button (Cyrus Steppers Version)
8. Vista - Gameboy Dub
9. Digital Mystikz - 10 Dread Commandments
10. Fullness - Butterfish (Marlow Remix)
11. Djunya - Contact
12. Mala - Hunter
13. Afterdark - Cosa Nostra
14. Tes La Rok - Bass 31
15. Vista - Special Request
16. Dubchild - Lethal Riddim

Download [192k mp3]


AMP said...

Ruff & Tuff! That was a great likkle commentorial on the current state of dubstep. I'm not looking forward to the inevitable multitude of genre-spawns. Anyone up for some wubstep? Howzabout some trancestep, substep, ambistep, synthstep, electrostep, bigstep, downstep, eurostep, discostep, popstep, techstep, startstep, stopstep, stepstep or even some stepstepstep?

XMP said...

there's already something called 'half-step' ( that isn't so bad. It wasn't coined by a record label, its just ultra sparse programming. Like 'Its Yours' is pretty much a half-stepper. I like stepstepstep.

AMP said...

...doublestep, triplestep, tripledoublestep (with a twist), syncstep, psychstep, sidestep, widestep...

Anonymous said...


Nigel said...

This mix is amazing! On par with some of the best DJs here in London. Can't wait to hear Vol. 2!

thesupremeunknown said...

Looks good to me! I will have to grab this when I get home. Glad to hear you got the "materials". Let me know if there's anything else you want. Currently working on Turntable Radio shows, dope stuff.

XMP said...

Thanks Dom! Much love from my end. appreciate the professional relationship ;)

XMP said...

This just in!

483 d/ls to 1191 d/ls in one day! thanks to some random Spanish rave forum my mix got bumped on. I love internets.

bob leone said...

Thanks for this! Only just got time now to listen. It's a keeper! Can't wait for more!

XMP said...

According to my host, yesterday this mix got 1760 downloads - and today its at 2368. So I'm pretty stoked so many random people are downloading it somewhere! Volume 2 will be a killer, trust me...

Anonymous said...

Situation critical, my friend! You dropping the wicked drum & bass for the blogga-blogga massive out here. This mix make me wanna move mi bodi bodi, buddi! Drop it like it's haute!

Dubstep said...

This is one of my favorite dubstep albums, I particularly like track 13 as it has the bass and wobble which made me first fall inlove with dubstep.