Monday, November 19, 2007

Ranking Joe - World In Dub

Ranking Joe - World In Dub
Label - M Records
Released - 2006
Style - Reggae, Dub, Josh Vibes, Killer

Drums - Fluxy, Style Scott
Guitar - Earl "Chinna" Smith
Keyboards - Frankie Waul
Percussion - Noel "Scully" Simms, Norman Grant
Producer, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar - Ryan Moore
Saxophone - Dean Frazer
Trombone - Ronald "Nambo" Robinson
Trumpet - Bobby Ellis

* This just came highly recommended (and donated) by a good friend named Josh. He has lots of Dub Knowledge, and didn't disappoint with this one! thanks Josh

Without disregarding the name above the title, understand that producer and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Moore deserves the lion's share of the credit for the dub excellence presented here. This is the dubversion of Ranking Joe's World in Trouble, a first-rate deejay album which benefitted from strong riddims laid down by a cast of seasoned players, production that was rough and tough without being sloppy, and some of Ranking Joe's most eccentric yet consciously and culturally focused toasting ever. Since this is a dub disc, the vocals naturally aren't going to figure into the equation as much. Choice bits of the artist's scatty, stammering style tickle the ears at select moments, but what really gives this one the fire is the way Moore lays on the essential dub components in amounts that always suit the flow. Bass lines are fattened up, echo shots explode across the landscape, riddims rise and fall, and vocal remnants emerge long enough for some extra attention-grabbing. World in Dub is really the best of two worlds in dub: it's modern without sounding cold, and it's obviously infused with the spirit of the great dub masters, though it doesn't try to copy every nuance from the pre-digital era. It's just plain killer.

1. Ranking Joe - World In Dub (3:15)
2. Ranking Joe - Gideon Sounds (3:36)
3. Ranking Joe - Dub Control (3:41)
4. Ranking Joe - Money Dub (3:32)
5. Ranking Joe - Happy Version (3:09)
6. Ranking Joe - Seek Ye Dub (3:32)
7. Ranking Joe - Dub Babylon (3:26)
8. Ranking Joe - Original Dub (2:50)
9. Ranking Joe - Equal Rights Dub (3:53)
10. Ranking Joe - Poor Man Version (4:25)
11. Ranking Joe - World In Dub (Vibronics Skaboom Remix) (3:51)
12. Ranking Joe - Dub Babylon (BAF Crew Meets Waiwan Remix) (4:28)



josh said...

Mighty Nice! The Vibronics mix of World In Dub (track 11) is killer and track 2 is my favorite overall. Josh

XMP said...

professor gleek a freek freek yall

AMP said...

imbibe in tha josh vibes y'all - a so we seh!