Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Revolutionaries - Vital Dub: Well Charged

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The Revolutionaries - Vital Dub: Well Charged
Label: Virgin/Caroline
Original Title: The Revolutionaries - Vital Dub Strictly Rockers
Record date : 1976
Album style : roots, dub

Tracklist :
1. Roof Top Dub
2. Ital Dub
3. Fence Dub
4. Ishens Dub
5. Total Dub
6. Merciful Dub
7. Cell Block 11
8. Killer Dub
9. Blacka Blacka Dub

Engineer : Ernest Hoo Kim & Ossie Hibbert
Producer : Joseph Hoo Kim
Bass : Ranchie
Drums : Benbow , Sly Dunbar
Engineer : Ernest Hoo Kim , Ossie Hibbert
Guitar : Dougie Bryan
Keyboards : Ansel Collins , Ossie Hibbert
Mixed By : Ernest Hoo Kim, Ossie Hibbert
Other [Voices] : Mighty Diamonds
Percussion : Uziah Sticky Thompson
Producer : Joseph Hoo Kim
Saxophone [Alto] : Herman Marques
Saxophone [Tenor] : Tommy McCook
Recording Studio : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Comment : Dub to the 1976 "Right Time" album by The Mighty Diamonds Recorded and Mixed at Channel One Recording Studio 279 Maxfield Ave, Kgn. 13

[cool review from OnTheWire Radio Lancashire)
This classic dub set from 1976 is amongst the first batch of reissues in Virgin's Front Line series. The rhythms, with one exception, match the Mighty Diamonds' masterpiece "The Right Time", and it is this connection alone which has established the reputation of "Vital Dub". The musicians are actually the Revolutionaries, Sly & Robbie et al, and the tunes were recorded and mixed down at Channel One by the Hookim Brothers. The mix is a largely a straightforward run through on the rhythms - which are peerless. But why the opportunity was not taken to run the songs and versions together is inexplicable, or even better to introduce some segues of the fine DJ versions to which the label must still have access. At least the original cover art is reproduced - an unconscious (sic) advertisement for over-indulging in top quality weed.



AMP said...

mi luv the dibi-dibi cover art, seen?

XMP said...

nice avatard SEWN

josh said...

Dis joint is Vital Dub for da collection. Seen?

Anonymous said...

nice to see you're back ina dub style.
you have one of the best dub selection on the web.
good taste in music.
when you pick - i download.
hit me with more dub,please


XMP said...

Cool got more brazilian stuff on the way - and then most likely, more dub. Fiya

Anonymous said...


I have this on vinyl from the time and ive worn the grooves out :)

Thanks a lot for this bro

Hope you well

Fatty G (Rebelbass)


Nice blog. Check mine out for some tunes.


XMP said...

cheers Rebelbass! Love your blog (already got it on my roll). Cheers to Musical Coco Basket as well. I'm now hungry for coco bread and linking you up to our blogroll! big up

AMP said...

musicalcocobasket iz some dank shit!