Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lee Perry and The Upsetters - Return of Wax

Lee Perry and The Upsetters - Return of Wax (Justice League 1975)

1. Last Blood
2. Deathly Hands
3. Kung Fu Warrior
4. Dragon Slayer
5. Judgement Day
6. One Armed Boxer
7. Big Boss
8. Fists Of Vengeance
9. Samurai Swordsman
10. Final Weapon
11. Delroy Butler - Experience (Bonus track)
12. Keith Rowe - Living My Life (Bonus track)



Anonymous said...

cyaan find anything on this album online! except that his real name is Rainford Hugh Perry. move ya bodybody

Ryen David said...

I have this on vinyl. I could never find the CD version.

XMP said...

awesome plz enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

do you what "big boss" is a version of? i have a roots mix someone made me a while back and it has the vocal version of the song. curious who the artist is.

XMP said...

no idea unfortunately!