Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scientist - Dub 911

Scientist - Dub 911
Label - Nature Sounds/Munich
Released - 2006
Style - Dub, Reggae, Lee Library, Dancehall

(from boomkat)
Scientist burst onto the reggae scene in the early 70's with a reckless mixing style that seemed to out-do even dub legend King Tubby's wildest extravaganzas. He began his career in 1978 as an engineer at Tubby's studio, and shortly afterwards he became a protege of King Tubby, swiftly gaining a reputation with his unique mixing style. Scientist soon became Jamaica's top recording engineer and worked with everyone imaginable including Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy, Freddie McGregor, Dean Frasier, Linval Thompson, Augustus Pablo, The Heptones and many more. This led to a surge of albums mixed by Scientist from various sources throughout the 1980s, and to date his own solo output exceeds 25 LPs, while he has mixed over 500. 'Dub 911' is the first studio album of all new material from the dub icon since 2003 and he sounds as fresh as ever...

1. The Anti Christ
2. Babylon Burning
3. Burning Hell
5. 911
6. Guided Missiles
7. Flying At Night
8. Crying For Peace
9. Run Saddam Busch Coming
10. Find Him In A Hole
11. Punk Motherfucker
12. Don't Fuck With America
13. No More War
14. No Terrorist
15. Peace In The Middle East
16. Peace On Earth



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