Wednesday, November 28, 2007

King Tubby - Loving Memory Dub

King Tubby - Loving Memory Dub
Label - Fuel 2000
Released - 2005
Style - Dub, Reggae, Lee Library

If anyone has a claim to having "invented" dub reggae, it is King Tubby. As a disc cutter at Treasure Isle, Osbourne Ruddock enjoyed access to the label's archives. He used this to press exclusive instrumental versions of R&B and rock steady classics -- the very first dub plates -- to play on his Home Town Hi-Fi soundsystem, the idea being to give his DJs (including the one and only U-Roy) more opportunity to showcase their vocal skills. After conducting this experiment for the first time at a 1969 dance, King Tubby's popularity soared and he was courted for production work with Jamaica's top talent, the fruits of which include Blackboard Jungle Dub with Lee Perry and the sublime King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown with Augustus Pablo. A gifted electrical engineer, he went on to develop such techniques as splitting a record's frequencies between amplifiers (enabling him to alter instrument levels in the mix at will) and using echo and reverb effects. Producers to have schooled at King Tubby's side include King Jammy, Scientist and Prince Phillip Smart -- he also designed the circuitry at Lee Perry's notorious Black Ark studio. Sadly, King Tubby's career of innovation was violently ended when he was shot dead outside his home in a suspected robbery on February 6, 1989.

1. King Tubby The Dub Ruler
2. Eastman Dub
3. Keep On Dubbing
4. Tubby's Big Big Dub
5. Angel Dub
6. Black & White Dub
7. Zion Gate
8. Tubby's Talkative Dub
9. Bad Boy Rhythm Dub
10. Abracadubra
11. Natty Dub
12. Dub From The Roots
13. Tubby The Dark Dub Ruler
14. Bass Dub
15. Human Rights Dub
16. Move Out Of Babylon
17. Marcus Dub
18. Women Love To Dub

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Anonymous said...

awesome post - thank you!

XMP said...

Thanks for being here.

LuvMiDub said...

thanks for the loving memories, King Tub

Umberto said...

Real Kings never die.
Legend live forever!

A music lover for many years, Most recently Ive learned and have felt what dub is about. With my first CD's in Dub of King Tubby. I find what King Tubby was doing 25-30 years to be super incredible. Having a shitty day ... having a down day. Play some King Tubby and you will forget about all your troubles. King Tubby a true genius and a true legend.