Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lee Scratch Perry - Black Arkives

Lee Scratch Perry - Black Arkives (Justice League 1973-75)

Playlist :
1. Leo Graham - Jump It
2. Sam Carty - Life Is A Flower
3. The Imposters - Have Some Fun
4. Dillinger - Cane River Rock
5. Sam Carty - I Don't Mind
6. The Upsetters - Jamaican Theme
7. The Imposters - Nature Man
8. The Upsetters - Vampire (Horns)
9. The Gladiators - Time
10. The Upsetters - Dub In Time
11. Eric Donaldson - Stand Up
12. The Upsetters - Dub Fe Yu Right
13. Brent Dowe - Down Here In Babylon
14. The Upsetters - If The Cap Fits
15. Divine Brothers - Perception
16. The Upsetters - Perceptive Dub



XMP said...

I love that fuckin artwork! Probably just how they were found too...

JR HeatWarp said...

Fantastic post!! So many Scratch gems here! I can't wait to listen to the whole lot. Many many thanks.

AMP said...

thanks jr heatwarp! i love your curious name.

Anonymous said...

If one were to judge Lee Scratch Perry by his appearance, they would miss the point entirely. However, Scratch is a revelation, not to be understood, but revealed:like Sonic revelation.
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