Friday, October 26, 2007

Various Artists - Batucada: The Sound of the Favelas

Various Artists - Batucada: The Sound of the Favelas
Label - Mr Bongo (UK)
Recorded - ???
Style - Latin, Brazilian, Batucada, Lee Library, Percussion

1. Paulinho Da Costa - Ritmo Number One (8:31)
2. Portinho - Batumata (4:35)
3. Padre Miguel - Só No Apito (4:48)
4. Nicos Jaritz - Otão E Eu (5:07)
5. Dom Um E Jadir De Castro - Repimar (5:20)
6. Verde Amarelo - Vibrando Com A Seleção (2:54)
7. Par Ney De Castro - Ba-Tu-Ca-Da (8:20)
8. Dom Um E Jadir De Castro - Comunic-Ritmo (2:43)
9. Padre Miguel - Mulata Faceira (3:13)
10. Portinho - Rápido (3:54)
11. Pontela - Pai Bene, Queimou O Pé (3:09)
12. Dom Um E Jadir De Castro - Ozônio (2:59)
13. Fernando - Quando O Couro Fala (4:02)

(from Dusty Groove)
Billed in the press as "the original bass and drum", this is a wonderful set of rare Batucada percussion tracks, lovingly packaged by Mr Bongo for the hipster London scene. In case you're not familiar with Batucada, it's got that hard, fast percussion sound, with lots of instruments in unison, that you hear on samba records, or other older Brazilian percussion sides. This volume's one of the best ways you could ever get into the music -- and there's an excellent sampling of tunes by a wide number of artists. Titles include "Ritmo Number One" by Paulinho Da Costa, "Pai Bene, Queimou O Pe" by Pontela, "Rapido" by Portinho, "Repimar" by Jadir De Castro and Dom Um Romao, "Vibrando Com A Selecao" by Verde Amarelo, and "Quando O Couro Fala" by Fernando.

The drums of the samba, the sound of Rio at 180bpm. The secret weapon of all DJs be they house, techno, jazz or latin orientated. This is the music that provides pulsating cannon that goes off in the house clubs. The most exciting dance rhythm in the world.

This album contains all the essential classics brought together under one roof. From the No 1 much sampled mega-anthem Batucada by maestro Par Ney De Castro, to the in-demand mid tempo burner Batumata with the legendary bongo solo leading to the crash as the Batucada beat kicks in.

Most of the more obscure tracks have been culled from the OLD SKOOL OF BATUCADA: the legendary Fantastic Bateria series on Top Tape. With the main man Padre Miguel leading the way this is bread & butter Batucada. The samba rhythm gets speeded up by each batucada troop matching the pace of the street. The favela is humming as the tempo builds. No one beats a drum as rapido as the boys from Rio.

We must thank Raphael from Tokyo's UFO for unearthing the gem Reprimar Jadir clashes heads uptown with Dom Um in this furious guica led showdown. No club has ever rocked as large as when the mighty Sebag dropped this science.

Legendary percussionist Paulinho De Costa opens up with a one man percussion shakedown. He burned with the eternal flame of BATA. Like a man possessed he furiously creates wave after wave of hardcore triangle, tamborim, bata and cuica solos.

Who can forget the first time they heard Nicos Jarit's deeply dubby bass sound blowing the windows out of every club from the Sub to the ministry.

Thanks to the rough neck jazz Dancers and those who can stay with the rhythm as we cross from the lay down tempo Drum & Bass to the hardcore Bateria.



Stephen said...

Excellent selections as always. Thanks for your good taste and willingness to share.

XMP said...

hope u enjoy

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Thanks so much for this great album. Love the Brasilian stuff.

madrotter said...

hey!!! nice blog!!! wanted to tell you to check out django mango (aka vidal paz) he mixes indonesian drums with cuban jazz, african stuff and indian stuff, if you can't find anything from him send me a message at i'll be happy to send you some of his (very very hard to get outside indonesia) stuff ok, best wihes henk madrotter

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Thanks for all nice comments. Will be sending a message re: the indonesian afro-cuban jazz. Sounds neat...

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Excelent! Thanks a lot! Enyoying it 300%!

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