Monday, October 8, 2007

Dub Over Dub: 27 Track Dub Extravaganza

Dub Over Dub: 27 Track Dub Extravaganza (2xCD)
Label - Heartbeat/High Note
Recorded - 70s
Style - Dub, Roots, Reggae, Lee Library

Personnel: Bertram "Ranchie" McLean (guitar, bass); Radcliffe "Duggie" Bryan, Willie Lindo (guitar); Headley "Deadley" Bennett, Herman Marquis (alto saxophone); Cedric "Im" Brooks, Dean Fraser (tenor saxophone); Clive Hunt, David Madden, Bobby Ellis (trumpet); Vin "Don D Jr." Gordon, Nambo (trombone); Ansel Collins, Earl "Wire" Lindo, Harold Butler, Winston Wright (keyboards); Robbie Shakespeare (bass); Sly Dunbar, Micheal "Mickey Boo" Richards (drums); Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson, Harry Powell, Count Ossie (percussion).

Compilation producer: Chris Wilson.

Recorded at Treasure Isle Studios and Channel One, Kingston, Jamaica.

DUB OVER DUB features dub tracks from the High Note label, a reggae label of the 70's. Twenty six of these tracks were mixed by Errol Brown, High Note's main engineer, who is considered one of the pioneers of dub. The music is performed by the High Note house bands, which included Sly & Robbie, Bobby Ellis, Earl Lindo and other major musicians of the era.


1. Sly Special
2. Revelation Chapter One
3. Jah Caught Them Dub
4. Falling In Dub
5. Woman Iron Rock
6. Black Cat Version
7. Over Dub
8. Dub Outta Control
9. Dub And Harmony
10. Love Dub
11. Strictly Roots
12. Su Su Mouth
13. Forward In Dub
14. Downtown Rock

1. Lion Dub
2. Dub In Peace
3. Phase One Special
4. Living Dub, A
5. Sky Nation Skank
6. Peace And Inity
7. Dub It In A Dreamland
8. Chatty Dub
9. This Yah Dub
10. Winning Version
11. Dub Walla
12. Ital Dub
13. Socialist Dub

download disc 1
download disc 2


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These dubs are amazing! Totally essential stuff. Thanks sharing up this overlooked gem!

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Totally agree - thanks for the dubs guys!

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