Friday, October 26, 2007

Tenorio Jr. - Embalo

Tenorio Jr. - Embalo
Label - Dubas (BR)
Recorded - 1964
Style - Latin, Bossa, Jazz, Lee Library

1. Tenorio Jr - Embalo (3:10)
2. Tenorio Jr - Inutil Paisagem (2:27)
3. Tenorio Jr - Nebulosa (1:55)
4. Tenorio Jr - Samadhi (3:09)
5. Tenorio Jr - Sambinha (2:46)
6. Tenorio Jr - Fim De Semana Em Eldorado (4:13)
7. Tenorio Jr - Nectar (2:39)
8. Tenorio Jr - Clouds (3:59)
9. Tenorio Jr - Consolacao (2:28)
10. Tenorio Jr - Estou Nessa Agora (1:38)
11. Tenorio Jr - Carnaval Sem Assunto (2:00)

(from Dusty Groove)
Fantastic! This is one of the all-time Brazilian jazz classics of the 60's -- and one of the most sought after bossa albums ever! Pianist Tenorio Jr leads a crack ensemble through some fantastic tracks -- as warm and soulful as they are tight and angular, a perfect summation of the bossa jazz idiom at its truest expression! The writing is fantastic throughout -- and the album includes loads of great numbers -- including the famous "Nebulosa", instantly recognizable from a sample used by United Future Organization, and the tracks "Clouds", "Nectar", "Embalo", and "Estou Nessa Agora".



Black Moses said...

fantastic album. Thanks a lot. This is the type of groovy brazilian jazz I love.

XMP said...

cheers thanks for the comment. we definitely agree