Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gal Costa - Gal-1969

Gal Costa - Gal-1969
Label - Universal
Recorded - 1969
Style - Bossa, Brazilian, Lee Library, Jazz

1. Gal Costa - Cinema Olympia (3:07)
2. Gal Costa - Tuareg (3:23)
3. Gal Costa - Cultura E Civilizão (4:19)
4. Gal Costa - Pais Tropical (3:47)
5. Gal Costa - Meu Nome É Gal (3:23)
6. Gal Costa - Com Médo, Com Pedro (3:04)
7. Gal Costa - The Empty Boat (4:05)
8. Gal Costa - Objeto Sim, Objeto Não (5:07)
9. Gal Costa - Pulsars E Quasars (4:58)

Heady heady work from the legendary Gal Costa -- caught here right at her early best, smack dab in the middle of the Tropicalia years! The album's one of Gal's legendary collaborations with arranger Rogerio Duprat -- and it's very much in the spirit of her other incredible session from 1969!

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Yerblues said...

Circa 1969, Caetano and Gilberto Gil, the heads of the tropicalia "anti-movement", were already vanished of the brazilian pop scene (the military dictatorship that rule the country at that time banished the two, and they went to London). So, the continuity of the Tropicalia was in charge of Gal and the Mutantes (yes, we had Tom Zé and other great artists making great records, but they never really reach the masses as Gal and the Mutantes). And she doesn't disapoint us... it was a row of 6 great albuns, up to the "Caras e Bocas" album, from 1976. Great singer, great post. Tanx for the share.

Salami pants said...

Can anyone find lyrics for the album?