Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ana Mazzotti - Ana Mazzotti

Ana Mazzotti - Ana Mazzotti
Label - Whatmusic (UK)
Recorded - 1974
Style - Brazilian, Lee Library, Jazz, Funk

1. Ana Mazzotti - Agora Ou Nunca Mais (2:59)
2. Ana Mazzotti - Roda Mundo (2:28)
3. Ana Mazzotti - Acalanto (1:59)
4. Ana Mazzotti - Cordão (3:41)
5. Ana Mazzotti - De Um Jeito Só (3:17)
6. Ana Mazzotti - Eu Sou Mais Eu (3:15)
7. Ana Mazzotti - Canto De Meditação (3:23)
8. Ana Mazzotti - Feel Like Making Love (3:54)
9. Ana Mazzotti - Bairro Negro (2:40)
10. Ana Mazzotti - Sou (2:23)

(from Dusty Groove)
An amazing album of icy Brazilian jazz and sweet electric funk! Singer Ana Mazzotti is at the head of the session -- singing with this breezy style that's at once cold and warm, cool and emotive -- and she's backed by a small jazz combo with some incredible moog, Arp, and organ from Jose Roberto! The record's got a bucketful of groove-heavy tracks that feel like CTI meeting up with Joao Donato -- and the album's a treasure that should be in the collection of any fan of 70s Brazilian funk! Titles include "Cordao", "Soul", "Bairro Negro", "Eu Sou Mai Eu", "Roda Mundo", "Sou", and "Agora Ou Nunca Mais" -- plus an incredible version of "Feel Like Making Love"!




Anonymous said...

So what is with the label Whatmusic? I had never heard of them before, and then all at once a ton of different obscure 60s & 70s Brazilian albums were reissued in their distinctive cardboard covers. In San Francisco about 15 titles showed up at our big record store, Amoeba, 1 copy per title, were soon reduced to half price, and many eventually to $4.99, when I bought them. And I've not seen the label again. I hadn't thought about them for ages until I say your recently listed group. They even put out a Brazil collection as a promo for some London bar.

XMP said...

Perhaps my brother can shed some light on the situation?

AMP said...

wow, i'm really suprised that those releases went on clearance at amoeba! actually, the same thing happened here in sub-urban D.C. when tower records went under. Whatmusic is a London label which specializes in reissues of "rare brazilian, euro jazz & bossa breaks". they're still active: i first noticed them about 5 years when i went on a brazilian music bender, snatching up ever more obscure titles via dustygroove really know how to sell a title by using an irresitable description!

XMP said...

thats what i'm talkin about

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to add to my previous email, what a wonderful blog you have! I would say that you have gone on several "benders" over the years, and we are certainly the beneficiaries of it!