Sunday, October 21, 2007

Celso Murilo - Mr. Ritmo

Celso Murilo - Mr. Ritmo
Label - Pawal/Whatmusic (UK)
Recorded - 1959
Style - Bossa, Brazilian, Instrumentals, Lee Library, Jazz

1. Celso Murilo - Ail Que Saudades Da Amelia/Implorar (2:36)
2. Celso Murilo - Tea For Two (2:12)
3. Celso Murilo - Nao Deixa A Peteca Cair (1:56)
4. Celso Murilo - Rico Vacilon (1:57)
5. Celso Murilo - Chorou, Chorou (2:09)
6. Celso Murilo - Merengue En Copa (3:13)
7. Celso Murilo - Los Marcianos (2:12)
8. Celso Murilo - Teleco-Teco No 1 (2:59)
9. Celso Murilo - Cha-Cha Celso (1:43)
10. Celso Murilo - Pau Pereira (1:38)
11. Celso Murilo - Ritmo Sabroso (1:44)
12. Celso Murilo - Rosa Morena (1:55)

(From Dusty Groove)
A very groovy set from keyboardist Celso Murilo -- a 60s album of organ and piano instrumentals with a really cool groove! The record follows in the best tradition of small combo bossa sessions -- mixing together a strongly rhythmic approach that includes percussion by the great Rubens Bassini, plus backing on trumpet, flute, and timbales -- all set to the pace of Murilo's sweet lines on the keys! The style's more expansive than 60s work by Walter Wanderley or Ed Lincoln -- more open to influences from American Latin music, in addition to the core samba and bossa sounds that inform the work. The whole thing's great -- a driving, lively little set that's a delight throughout! Titles include "Rosa Morena", "Ritmo Sabroso", "Cha Cha Celso", "Paul Pereira", "Los Marcianos", "Chorou Chorou", and "Rico Vacilon".


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