Friday, October 26, 2007

Fernando Gelbard - Didi

Fernando Gelbard - Didi
Label - whatmusic
Recorded - 1975
Style - Analog Jazz, Lounge, Lee Library, So Cool!

1. Fernando Gelbard - Hola Didi (8:32)
2. Fernando Gelbard - El Senor Mayor (9:04)
3. Fernando Gelbard - Mojo Uno (2:02)
4. Fernando Gelbard - Alevacolariea (5:42)
5. Fernando Gelbard - Sombrero De Flores (7:27)
6. Fernando Gelbard - Chau, Ambrosio (5:37)

(from Dusty Groove)
A sweet set of mellowly funky keyboard jazz from Argentinian pianist Fernando Gelbard! This dream of an album was recorded in the mid 70s -- and features Gelbard playing Fender Rhodes and moog with a lively backing combo. Tracks are long, all original, and have a laidback groove that makes the album a warm and spectacular treat. Percussion is strong on a few numbers, and a few other tracks feature a bit of sax -- but the real focus is on Gelbard's keyboard work, which is mellow and and very soulful. Tracks include "Chau Ambrosio", "Alevacolariea", "Hola Didi", and "El Senor Mayor".

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Burning Blue Soul said...

Whoa! Thanks for this monster from Fernando. I love his work, and want to tell you this is one of the great Library records out there simply because it IS so breezy.

XMP said...

oh yeah. Breezy is a perfect word to describe this stuff!