Monday, October 1, 2007

After The Afterparty

OK not a soundtrack or dub, but this is my most recent DJ mix and so far its my personal favorite. Hope ye enjoy.

So I had a DJ Spun tape when I was like 16 where he played Jungle records @ 33 rpm. I started doing the same thing back in '95 and it's still my favorite way to hear jungle. On the wrong speed. I'm sure you'll agree. This mix is my favorite yet; atmospheric jungle dropped down 3 octaves so the bass is ridiculous. Please grab and think of shimmering sunrises. DC/Baltimore oldschool crew - think back to the first Sunrise Festivals and that type of thing. Rock it.

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September 2007

d/load -

1. Kalu - Ain't No Game (Slo)
2. Appaloosa - Unplugged (Chaos & Julia Set Remix) (Slo)
3. Alliance - Virtual Heaven (Slo)
4. Jack 'n' Phil - I Like It (Slo)
5. Matt - Phat & Phuturistic (Slo)
6. D.O.P.E. - Diamonds (Slo)
7. Dub Technicians - Mindscape (Slo)
8. Photek - Resolution (Slo)
9. A-Sides & Nut-E-1 - Tonight (Slo)
10. Photek - Rings Around Saturn (Slo)
11. A Touch Of Jazz - Respected Not Accepted (Slo)
12. Alex Reece - Basic Principle (Slo)
13. Wax Doctor - Atmospheric Funk (Slo)
14. LTJ Bukem - Horizons (Slo)


AMP said...

This shit is REAL CHILL - makes me wanna crack open a glowstick and snort that shit up, yo! Seriously awesome. I still remember your mixtape from back in the day that starts off with tha Sanford & Son theme, then it rolls into the pitched-down jungle vibes - fucking incredible!

XMP said...

reminds me of the time you asked if I wanted a massage cuz I was rolling around on the carpet, and then you tased me. and laughed HAHAHAAH taser massage. not so funny at the time but now its pretty funny.

conspirotus said...

Very nice mix - I lucked across your blog recently and I must say you have excellent tastes!

This is the way i like D and B as well.
Thanks for sharing!

XMP said...

Thanks man - just requested your addition


ROOTS & WIRES - Seenistra's DubMix
???? (no more info)

(see if you like)@ doubleavenue

XMP said...

I already love it.

Produced by Unknown Love Garlic