Friday, January 11, 2008

WCVT 89.7FM Towson: Follow Up by Stacy Meyn

(FYI: Stacy's is the voice heard on my WCVT tape, posted earlier here)
((thanks, Stacy))

Happy New Year, y'all!

It's been a few weeks of enjoyable back and forth with Steve, which also rekindled electron herding with Roberta [Cowan] and Linda [Cashell]. We're hunting down old air-checks in hopes of adding to the rips. Pamela [DeVier] and DJ Neska might have some too—as far as I know, Neska is the WCVT tape master, claiming at one point to have a wall's worth of shelves brimming.

Large greetin’s to Skizz and PJ—pleased to read both are alive and seemingly well. I haven’t been in the Charm City area for nearly a decade, having flit off to the Left Coast for employment opportunities. Hard to fathom that it’s been over two decades since I showed up at Towson [State] University with my Depeche Mode t-shirt and an insatiable desire to work in radio.

From 1987 to 1991, I had the distinct pleasure of being on various late night shifts—there was nothing like the thrill of seeing all the phone lines light up as I headed into the booth to start the program. I was honored to speak with many listeners from near and farther away than our transmitter should have been capable of reaching. I’ll never forget the gentleman who thanked me for “bringing intelligence to the airwaves.” Although there were and still are plenty of times when I ain’t bright, I’ll always appreciate that comment.

Thanks also to all of the aforementioned folks for expanding my music base—indeed there was so much more than Mr. Gahan and co.! Many of us would go on to work at An die Musik and expand our collections after the demise of WCVT. Now before anyone spits on me for listing WTMD (maybe someday I’ll tell the Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel story), I did get to cover a few shows of the long-running and much-loved Cosmic Music Experience, before that too, finally went off the air. I am told that even WHFS, at the time the last bastion of “progressive music”, gave up the ghost and submitted to a format change. Sigh.

On a much happier note, there is Steve and his dedication, affording us a chance to revisit better audio times. I am astounded that after all these years, WCVT is so well-remembered and regarded. I count myself among the fortunate who got to share in making station history and I am grateful for the friendships that still thrive. Yeah, yeah, group hug and insulin shot forthcoming!



Anyone else from 'CVT who wishes to post some follow-up thoughts, feel free. That tape was the reason I started my first blog - so that I could put that out there, and without that tape, I probably wouldn't have ever thought about starting a music blog. And now look how big this one has gotten..... you can email me directly to send correspondence and I'll gladly post it up!


dj limefingerz said...

my fingers smell like limes and i like it! a lot!

XMP said...

c'mon dude.

Anonymous said...

I have many fond memories of WCVT, having graduated in '92. I used to pick it up all the way out in Frederick, MD in high school! I still have the sticker on my speaker, "the progressive alternative". Ah, those were the days....

XMP said...

FRIGGIN AWESOME. WCVT was the shit. Everything from the punkrock and hardcore they played during the day/early evening to the new-age stuff they played sunday nights (i think?) it was all awesome.

LeMelangeDJ1 said...

Hello fellow CVTeevees and curious listeners!
Brad Knox in North Hollywoodland here. If you didn't know, I was a dj on WCVT from 1981-1989, hosting about a dozen different programs, most frequently prog rock show "Le Melange." It is true that WCVT was one of the most creative and independently-focused media outlets of its day, exposing some great and obscure music, which in turn impacted the regional music scene. I could write a book about all the strange times and great experiences I had connected to WCVT (tho' I'd rather not). I still have nearly 100 hours of high-quality airchecks of shows I did, including two of the most controversial (to the management and University) program editions ever to air on the station; the "Four Deejays" episode of "Le Melange" in 1988, where the show's alternating hosts appeared on air together to discuss future station policy, and its follow-up "Historic Protest Edition," where I called for listener support to save the show from cancellation (for which I got kicked off the air). I sensed the times they were a-changin', but I guess there was little anyone could do to save the airwaves (from the impending doom soon ushered in by WTMD) at that point.
Anyway I still listen to many of my 1980's WCVT aircheck tapes religiously in my car as they still contain music that lasts - a lot of eclectic 1960's thru 80's underground rock, psychedelia,avant-garde and prog, much of which experienced a worldwide resurgence from the 90's to the present day.
Also, in production news, some tapes from WCVT have proven useful to my band, Heavy The World, with whom I continued to play after relocating westward in the early 90's, and who are still active today. A snippet of an interview we did with dj Rod Misey in 1984 was released on our second album, "Reunion," (2-lp, 1987), and the second song we ever recorded, "Sky in July," broadcast on WCVT in July of 1981 by dj Hank Witthaur and remixed with dj comments thrown in, was released on our 6-cd box set, "Unforgotten Worlds" in 2003 (demand it at R&T Traders or Normal's; it discusses WCVT in the liner notes as well), as was the song "Consequence," which featured Heavy The World playing live on-air out of the production lab at CVT during a session with dj Mike Filleman in 1988. Video footage of the '88 session may soon appear on Youtube (
It's great to share some of these thoughts and experiences, especially with those who were there, as the WCVT days truly were some magical times, making a high-quality on-air sound totally unique to the Baltimore area, playing and hearing tons of great music I still listen to today. I would think the person you'd most want to hear from would be Rod Misey, who was, in my opinion, one of the greatest and most knowledgeable psych, punk and fm rock dj's in history, "America's answer to John Peel!"
I still dj (very) occasionally on KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara, California, on the progressive rock program, "Eclectic Passages," which airs Sundays at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific Time, also available at It's good to know that while it seems almost everything in our world may have changed, my song still remains the same.
Positive headspace,
Brad Knox

ommyth said...

Re WCVT: please take note:


Tom Smith/TLASILA, POI, etc