Friday, January 18, 2008

Various Artists - More Pressure Vol. 1 (Straight To The Head)


Various Artists - More Pressure Vol. 1 (Straight To The Head)
Label: Pressure Sounds
Record date: 197X
Album style: Deejay, Dub, Lee Library, Roots, Vocals

This album is simply stunning - in our opinion - and we have chosen tracks that are our personal favourites so every track is a stone dead killer. Although some of them may be slightly unfamiliar don't panic as this really is the crème de la crème of reggae music.

'Diverse Doctrine' by Ras I Buna, Michael Rose with 'We Shall Overcome' included with its searing dub version and The 'Way It Is' by I Kong are not only extremely rare but also fantastic to listen to... 'Folk Song' by Uhuru (Black Uhuru's first ever recording) rare as hens teeth!!!

1. Ras Ibuna - Diverse Doctrine
2. The Village Bunch - Diverse Doctrine Version
3. Ricky Storm - The Way It Is
4. Ricky Storm - The Way It Is Version
5. Michael Rose - We Shall Over Come
6. The Key - Over Come
7. Bongo Gene - Skyjack
8. Bongo Gene All Stars - Skyjack Version
9. Cornell Campbell - Free Meal Ticket
10. Barrington Levy - The Winner (Twelve Inch Version)
11. Dillinger - Nah Chuck It
12. The Hardy Boys - Chucky Dub
13. Tafari Syndicate - Free For All
14. Tafari Syndicate - All For Free
15. Black Uhuru - Folk Song
16. The Freedom Singers - Folk Song Version
17. The Mercenaries - Eight Against Rome Version



Tom said...

Love the Pressure Sounds stuff - this is definitely one of their best. Roll on vol. 2

Anonymous said...

fabulous man, thanks so much, have a blast in mexico.. !!! anth from freezing zones north (in canada).. irie!

Anonymous said...

wicked site- bless you : )
-bobby h