Monday, January 21, 2008

Various Artists - Trojan Dub Rarities Box Set


RE-UP 22 May 2008

Various Artists - Trojan Dub Rarities Box Set
Label: Trojan
Record date: 197X-8X
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Roots

Disc 1:
1. Tapper Zukie - Rub A Dub A Weh Them Want
2. Agustus Pablo & The Upsetters - Babylon Police Thief Dub
3. Queen Tiney & The Aggrovators - Natty Dread Time Dub
4. The Observers - Under Tight Raps (Flat Foot Dub)
5. The Key All Stars - Key Dub
6. The Silvertones - African Dub Version
7. The Musical Intimidators - Double Struggle
8. The Upsetters - Tedious Dub
9. Tommy McCook - African Jumper
10. Niney - My Time Version Observer Style
11. The Revolutionaries - Natty Dread Dub
12. The Blackbeard All Stars - Garvey Mead Dub
13. Augustus Pablo - Fat Girl Jean
14. Tapper Zukie & The Musical Intimidators - Revolution Version
15. The Upsetters - Roots Train Dub
16. Cornell Campbell & The Aggrovators - Reggay Train Dub
17. Clint Eastwood & The Observers - Gate Number Version

Disc 2:
1. Tommy McCook - Lambs Bread Herb
2. The Revolutionaries - Roots Dub
3. The Upsetters - Iron Wolf
4. Tapper Zukie & Brethren - Broad Back Skank
5. The Observers - Boiling Water
6. Augustus Pablo - Rocky Road
7. Zoot Sims & The Aggrovators - Fat Dub
8. In Crowd - Dub In Love
9. The Upsetters - Sipple Dub
10. The Musical Intimidators - Real Version
11. The Observers - Iron Fist
12. Barrington Levy & The Roots Radics - Shine Eye Dub
13. Cornell Campbell & The Aggrovators - Daughter Dub
14. The Roots Radics - Loving Version
15. The Upsetters - Three Times Three
16. The Musical Intimidators - Natty Prince Version

Disc 3:
1. The Musical Intimidators - Mariguana Version
2. The Observers - Headline
3. The Green Stars - Effortless Dub
4. The Roots Radics - Settle Down Version
5. The Blackbeard All Stars - Bridgeport Dub
6. The Upsetters - Dub In Time
7. Tapper Zukie & The Musical Intimidators - Sensimelia Version
8. The Observers - Straight To Bunny Lee Head
9. Cornell Campbell & The Aggrovators - Only Love Dub
10. The Wittys All Stars - Just Like A Dub
11. Augustus Pablo - Pablo In Red
12. Thunderball - Twenty Eight Version
13. The Musical Intimidators - Escape From Hell
14. The Observers - Hotter Fire
15. Tommy McCook - Rasta Da Master
16. The Roots Radics - Scientist In Fine Style
17. Tapper Zukie & The Musical Intimidators - She Want A Version

download disc 1
download disc 2
download disc 3


Anonymous said...

great time in mexico padre.. this and the other dub trojan are totally slammin'! absolutely crucial dub in beautiful high mix; you've outdone yourself here maestro! .. one hell of a site, jus' the bes' wacka dub.. have a c.c. on me up here in polar bear land... anthony

Anonymous said...

super whackka.. you be de king for postin' this righteous herb.. kingly.. total.. superman.. plz. much more of this devastating dub, kingman, suppershanks.. rastafari

michaeldustdevil said...

thank you kind sir for all of these... MXXX

i said...

nice! i just found this blog and it's ITAL! blackmagicplastic says thank you.

XMP said...

cheers guys!

Anonymous said...

If Ya ever need some Trojan Info check this out!


Thanks for the great music !!!

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks (one for each disc). I've had the first two Trojan dub box sets for years and they can't be beat. I didn't even know this set existed. Thanks to you, it's now on my Amazon wish list. Big, as they say, ups.

Anonymous said...

this stuff is fantaztik. THANK YOU, sincerely... Dikki.