Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mikey Dread - Beyond World War III


Mikey Dread - Beyond World War III
Record date: 1982
Label: Heartbeat
Album style: Dancehall, Dub, Lee Library, Rockers

1. Break Down The Walls
2. Jah Jah Love (In The Morning)
3.The Jumping Master
4. Israel (12 Tribe) - Stylee (Extended Play)
5. Warrior Stylee (Extended Stereo Style)
6. Money Dread
7. Rockers Delight (Extended Play)
8. Mental Slavery (Extended Play)
9. World War III

Producer: Mikey Dread
Mixing Engineers: Bill Price, Mikey Dread, Scientist
Engineers: Mervyn Williams, Maxie
Backing Band: The Roots Radics
Studios: Channel One (Kingston, JA), King Tubby's (Kingston, JA), Aquarius (Kingston, JA), Wessex Sound (London, UK)



Dread At The Controls said...

Awwww shit! DATC!

Nostro said...

An ol' fav of mine from back then - I still have it on vinyl.

Good memories with Mr Michael D.