Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scientist & Jammy - Scientist & Jammy Strike Back


RE-UP 22 May 2008

Scientist & Jammy - Scientist & Jammy Strike Back
Label: Trojan
Record date: 1983
Album style: Dancehall, Dub, Lee Library

1. Storming The Death Star
2. Mission Impossible
3. The Alien Aborts
4. Buck Rogers In The Black Hole
5. The Death Of Mr Spock
6. The Princess Takes Her Revenge
7. The Crushing Of The Stormtroopers
8. Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker
9. The Son Of Darth Vader
10. C-3po + R2-D2 = The Force

Mixing Engineer: Prince Jammy, Scientist
Producer: Linval Thompson
Backing Band: The Roots Radics
Mixing Studios: Channel One (Kingston, JA), King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)



cletonico said...

please upload this again!,
great blog, i was searchin all this Scientist stuff, thanks very very much!

Joseph said...

thanks so much for putting all those scientist's up! have all of them on vinyl and love em to death, but they're about to get a whole new life now that I have them conveniently on the itunes! awesome!!!

Buscón said...

I was a Reggae & Hip Hop DJ till '92. Unfortunately someone stole my records and I couldn't listen to Reggae for quite a while because of this loss. Thank you deeply for the scientist post. The first two albums have been in my case - awesome music!