Monday, January 14, 2008

Skin, Flesh & Bones Meet The Revolutionaries - Fighting Dub


Skin, Flesh & Bones Meet The Revolutionaries - Fighting Dub
Label: Hot Pot
Record date: 1975
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Roots

Originally recorded in 1975 and released on the Love Label, the album is reissued here in its entirety. Most of the tracks were laid at Randy’s studio, and subsequently mixed at Joe Gibbs studio by the late Eroll ‘ET’ Thompson. The original album features dub cuts of many of Lloyd’s Campbell’s hits up that time, including “Dread Out Deh”, “Jacket”, “Won’t You Come Home”, “First Cut Is The Deepest” and others.

Listening to the album with hindsight, it can be seen as a blueprint for the ‘rockers’ sound developed by Sly Dunbar at Channel One in the period shortly after its release. In fact, Lloyd was to work consistently with Sly and the Revolutionaries throughout the late 1970s. Along the way, he helped Donovan Germain make his first records, Joy White’s “Love Is A Message” and Ronnie Davis & the Itals “Equality & Justice”. Lloyd carried Germain to Treasure Isle studio and helped arrange the songs - both do-overs - using the Revolutionaries. It was also during this period that Lloyd first worked with Glen Washington, recording him on a version of “Tighten Up” which was released by Nationwide Records in the UK in 1976. In latter years, after Glen had scored massive hits with the late Clement Dodd, Lloyd renewed his association with the singer and to date has recorded four big-selling albums with him.

1. Boxer Dub
2. Slavery Dub
3. Third Cut Dub
4. Jack Ruby Special
5. Scotch Dub
6. In Tone Rock
7. Spider Man Web
8. Run Run Dub
9. Baby Face Dub
10. Harbour View Rock
11. Jah Woosh - African People
12. Africa Dub
13. Vin Gordon & The Revolutionaries - Argument
14. The Revolutionaries - Tense Verison
15. Vin Gordon & The Revolutionaries - Cobra Rock
16. Westcoast
17. Danny Special
18. African Dub

Producer: Lloyd Campbell
Arranger: Errol Thompson, Lloyd Campbell
Backing Band: Skin, Flesh & Bones
Mixing Studio: Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)



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