Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Roots Radics - King Tubby's Rockers


The Roots Radics - King Tubby's Rockers
Label: Trojan
Record date: 1979-85
Album style: Dub, Dancehall, Lee Library, Tubby

1. King Tubby's Rockers
2. Time Is Cold
3. Patrolling
4. Love And Understanding
5. Jah Jah Give Us Love
6. Lovers Mood
7. Caring For My Sister
8. Learning
9. A Friend In Need
10. I'm A Man
11. Come On Baby (Dub Style)
12. No Follow Fashion
13. Praising Version
14. Violence And Crime
15. Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi
16. Informer Dub
17. Babylon Wrong
18. Second Hand Girl


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Anonymous said...

please upload this great record again. there's some problem with the rapidshare link. i really need this record. thank you very much.