Monday, January 14, 2008

Prince Far I - Dubwise


Prince Far I - Dubwise
Label: Virgin
Record date: 1979
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Roots
Notes: This is Cry Tuff Dub Encounter II w/ bonus tracks 1-8.

DUBWISE features the entirety of the original CRY TUFF DUB ENCOUNTER PART 2, with the bountiful addition of eight bonus tracks. Prince Far I's dub productions here, with the Revolutionaries laying the rhythms, are among the most satisfying of the genre.

All fading and echo effects are used in an organic fashion to accentuate the infectious rhythms; the mixing evolves throughout the pieces to literally form songs. An African feel within the fluidity of the CRY TUFF tracks is reflected in the titles themselves. Among the bonus tracks are three vocal numbers, including "Jah Do That," which is one of Prince Far I's mightiest deliveries--militant, and inspirational.

1. Throw Away Your Gun
2. Throw Away Your Gun (Dub)
3. Love Divine Dub
4. If You Want To Do Ya Dub
5. Jah Do That Dub
6. Jah Do That
7. No More War
8. No More War Dub (In Fact Borno Dub)
9. Suru-Lere Dub
10. Anambra Dub
11. Kaduna Dub
12. Oyo Dub
13. Borno Dub (In Fact Gongola Dub)
14. Bendel Dub
15. Ondo Dub
16. Ogun Dub

Producer: Prince Far I
Mixing Engineer: Prince Jammy
Drums: Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Fully Fullwood
Lead Guitar: Chinna
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Keyboards: Bobby Kalphat, Tarzan & Easy Snappin'
Horns: Dirty Harry, Don D. Junior
Percussions: Bongo Herman, Prince Far I
Recording Studio: Harry J (Kingston, JA)



Nostro said...

I don't recall this Prince Far I album on Front Line.

Pretty well all the stuff that came out on the Front Line series was 'crucial' & with the strong line-up on this release I'm sure it will be a gem.


Anonymous said...

Voice of Thunder = everliving!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful album--highly recommended. Funky and rootsy with tasteful fx--dub at its finest.