Friday, January 18, 2008

Various Artists - Dub Xperience - The Dread Operators: An On-U Sound Compilation


Various Artists - Dub Xperience - The Dread Operators: An On-U Sound Compilation
Label: Cherry Red - Cleopatra Records
Record date: 1981-84
Album Style: Dub, Experimental, Lee Library, Roots, UK Stylee

From beginning to end, this album is packed with great dub, roots, and early dancehall recorded between 1981 and 1984. There isn't the over-production and/or over-experimentation that plagues some On-U Sound releases, and neither is there the generic sound that plagues others. This is just good old-fashioned reggae in all its glory. Creation Rebel and Singers & Players dominate Dub Xperience, each contributing 4 strong tunes. Creation Rebel's "Independent Man," a cover of Bob Andy's "Unchained," may be the best song here, with its classic, emotional roots melody and driving bass, while "Chemical Specialist" -- the dub version of Jah Woosh's fun "Woodpecker Sound" (in which he mimics a woodpecker's call) -- and "Eugenic Device" are inventive dubs. Singers & Players meanwhile contributes the solid early dancehall chatting style and simple drum and bass rhythm of "Autobiography" alongside 3 airy roots numbers: "Breaking Down the Pressure," "Make a Joyful Noise," and the Congos-esque "Moses." Easily the best of the 3 albums in the On-U Sound Box set (along with In Dub Daze and A Party of Dubbers and Toasters).

1. Autobiography (Dread Operator) - Singers & Players
2. Quante Jubila - Prince Far I
3. Independent Man (Part 1) - Creation Rebel
4. Independent Man (Part 2) - Creation Rebel
5. Ballroom Control - Playgroup
6. Moses - Singers & Players
7. Woodpecker Sound - Jah Woosh
8. Chemical Specialist - C.Rebel/N.A.Steppers
9. Middle East Power Station - Voice Of Authority
10. Breaking Down The Pressure - Singers & Players
11. Silent Mover - Playgroup
12. Creation Rebel - Creation Rebel
13. Eugenic Device - C.Rebel/N.A.Steppers
14. Make A Joyful Noise - Singers & Players


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