Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mute Beat - 14 Echoes + 1 (20th Anniversary Edition)

2 More MUTE BEATs (By Request)!

Mute Beat - 14 Echoes + 1 (20th Anniversary Edition)
Released - 2002 (JP)
Label - Pony Canyon Inc.
Style - Ska, Reggae, Dub, Jazz

1) Still Echo
2) Hat Dance
3) Metro
4) Michishirube
5) Blue Beat Melody
6) From Russia With Love
7) Whisky Bar
8) Harmony in Martinigue
9) Lullaby for Frances
10) March
11) Everyday
12) Super Woofer Dub
13) Down Train
14) Deep Drift Dub
15) Jenka

Info - ???


Anonymous said...

Just found your site....great stuff, wish you had an alternate DL site.

Any Micheal Smith/Pablo Gad?

XMP said...

this is like the only megaup post. the rest are all rapidsh. Don't think we have any of that stuff but I'll take a look for ya...

Anonymous said...

No I like Megaup, no likey RS

XMP said...

RS just makes it easier to keep track of whats up and how many hits a certain thing is getting, so that's what our ppl prefer by and large. Looking into Divshare as well as a possibility in the future though...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Nice to have 2002 new re-mastered version now.
Here is some URL, It's in Japanese but got some pic & discogs.

XMP said...

Thank YOu! I wish I could read japanese/kanji. They look so fucking cool.