Friday, January 4, 2008

Mute Beat in Dub

Mute Beat in Dub
Label - ROIR
Released - 1986
Style - Jazz, Dub, Crystal Light, Reggae, Japanese, Lee Libary, Brammer Library

Reggae has long been an underground favorite in Japan, but not only are there a significant amount of fans there listening to reggae, there has been some quality reggae music coming out of Japan since the early '80s. Dub seems to be the sound of choice of the best-known of these Japanese performers, with acts like Dry & Heavy, Pecker's 21st Century Dub, and Mute Beat honing a unique and engaging style. Like the 21st Century Dub album, Mute Beat in Dub is a distinct, seamless mix of dub, roots reggae, and jazz. Led by trumpeter Kazufumi "Echo" Kodama, the music is horn-dominated, often incorporating both trumpet and trombone intertwining in a harmonic ballet, as on "Landscape." While you might think that strictly horn-led dub may have its limitations, it never gets stale, from "Metro" to the distant, vintage sound of "Still Echo" to vocal track "Mixed Up" to the Spaghetti Western-style music of "Fiolina". There's certainly a sense of avant-garde experimentalism on Mute Beat in Dub (again, like 21st Century Dub), as evidenced by the sounds-like-it-was-recorded-in-a-well percussion-fest "Dee Jay Style." If you're a dub fan, you definitely owe it to yourself to know this album. Crystal Light!

1. Metro
2. Fiolina
3. Dee Jay Style
4. Beat Away
5. Landscape
6. Downtown
7. Mixed Up
8. Dub No. 5 (Take 5)
9. Schoolyard Dub (Jenka)
10. Still Echo
11. Break a Road



AMP said...

izzit light or long?

XMP said...

a crystal RIGHT


Got anymore Mute Beat? I remember picking up their Still Echo LP (Wackies release) back in 89!

XMP said...

Got something else on its way. Will post it asap ;)

XMP said...

didn't get around to posting the other Mute Beat - will do it when I get home from work tonight though....