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Dub For Daze Vol 2 - Scientist: DUB Science

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Dub For Daze Vol 2 - Scientist: DUB Science
Labe RAS
Record date: 198X
Album style: Dancehall, Dub, Lee Library
Notes: Now hear dis! Don't let the cheezy title & cover fool you - these dubs are deep & deadly! Vols. 1 & 2 include some incredible dubs of the 80's reggaelistical sounds. Vol. 2 includes dubs of Don Carlos, Peter Broggs, Eek-A-Mouse, J.C. Lodge, Michigan & Smiley, Wayne Smith & Yellowman!!!

1. Goon A Dub
2. Ready For Dub
3. Praising Dub
4. Dub Belly
5. Wild Wild Dub
6. Aids Dub
7. Bossman Dub
8. Mess With Dub
9. Me Oh My Oh Dub
10. Mama Mama Dub
11. Lying Dub
12. Dub Gone Dub
13. Virgin Dub
14. A Merry Dub
15. Jingle Bells Dub

1. Do Dub
2. Pass The Dub
3. International Dub
4. Damn Dub
5. Ease Up With Dub
6. Eithiopia Dub
7. Dubbing Home
8. Golden Dub
9. Girlish Dub
10. Too Hot Dub
11. Party Dub
12. Boys Want Dub
13. Here We Dub
14. Loving Dub
15. Freaky Dub

All DUBs, Mixed by engineer: Scientist
Produced by: Doctor Dread
Mastered by: Jim Fox
Bass: Flabba Holt, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Paul Henton, Earl "Bagga" Walker
Drums: Style Scott, Carlton "Carlie" Barrett, Cleveland "Clevie" Browne, Noel Alphonso
Guitar: Dwight Pinkney, Andy Bassford, Bingy Bunny, Junior Marvin, Ronald Butler
Keyboards: Robbie Lynn, Tyrone Downie, Steele, Augustus Pablo, Earl Fitzsimmons, Bubbler
Sax: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo Robinson
Trumpets: Chico, Dave Madden
Percusion: Harry T., Uziah "Sticky" Thompson
Also: Danny Browne, Everton Carrington, Arnold Brakeridge, Studio One Band, Roots Radics
Executive Producer/Producer: Doctor Dread
Artists: Don Carlos, Peter Broggs, Eek-A-Mouse, J.C. Lodge, Michigan & Smiley, Wayne Smith, Yellowman
Recording Engineers: Dondan & Bolo, Stephen Stewart, Anthony Kelly, Oswald Palmer, Jim Fox, Bunny Tom Tom, Errol Brown, Scientist

download disk 1
download disk 2

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Thx for the music
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