Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bomb Squad Instrumentals - '07/08 Special!

It's taken some time for me to post this, as I was waiting for a tracklisting from Bobby Hill - but he never got back to me so I'm just going to go ahead and post this. If you're as big a Public Enemy/Bomb Squad fan as I am, you won't be too pressed for a tracklisting. Every New Years Eve/Xmas Eve time, DC's local community Jazz station WPFW 89.3FM goes all out. Bobby Hill hosts this show called The Other Side Saturday nights, and he has been doing an instrumental PE/Bomb Squad special every year since 1990 or something. It's the coolest thing ever, and still do this day it's my favorite thing on the radio all year.

So, sorry for the delay and lack of tracklisting this time around - but any fans of PE or Bomb Squad productions in general (Ice Cube, YBT, Son of Bezerk, Terminator X etc.) will love this. I split the 3-hour special up into 3 1-hour chunks for easy digestion. Please grab them and bump them loud! Much love to Bobby Hill and the entire WPFW/Pacifica family for keeping this show on the air so many years. Love it.

(And for those who missed my Bomb Squad Other Side special post last year, you can check the archives here:

more info on Bobby Hill/WPFW/The Other Side:

WPFW - End of 2007 Bomb Squad Instrumentals Special
Part 1 - Download
Part 2 - Download
Part 3 - Download



thesupremeunknown said...

Yo, X. Nice up man. I only have gotten the first part so far and listened to it last night and it is dope. Great music (obviously) and a history lesson to boot. Good concept but it came out even better on the radio. Definitely a must have, look forward to the other two parts.

MrC said...

alrighty there!
...been a while since i said howdy & shit ... been real busy with crap called life!
..cheers in advance for these - i really enjoyed blasting out last years (did i get that here too?) ... do you have every years?

peace out sir
MrC ;)

XMP said...

Thanks guys - I just started putting these up last year, but we've been recording them onto tape for awhile. My birthday happens to be Xmas Eve, so I've grown to incorporate the Bomb Squad special into my birthday every year. Good times. I will never get sick of Bomb Squad beats.

ths said...

ahh great, i've been looking forward to this. Thanks a lot for the effort!

XMP said...

enjoy the beats


This Friday! The BOMB SQUAD!!! As in, the production team that did all
of Public Enemy's most groundbreaking work! As in, "Fight the Power."
And they're coming with a set of dubstep in live PA fashion. :-0

DUSK & BLACKDOWN, straight outta London, have released a number of
groundbreaking tunes on their Keysound label, including the most
recent collab 'The Bits' with grime MC Trim from Roll Deep. This is
their first time playing in the US.

LOEFAH. DMZ's resident slow jam bringer. Author of 'Mud,' 'Ruffage,'
'Goat Stare,' 'Horror Show.' Half-step originator.

Friday, February 15, 2008

DUSK & BLACKDOWN (Keysound Recordings, UK)
+ the return of
THE BOMB SQUAD (Futuresound Terrorists Live Electronics)

alongside Joe Nice, Dave Q, MC Juakali

10pm til the wheels fall off
21+ (bring ID)
$10 advance tix or door before midnight / $15 after midnight
advance tix at

179 MacDougal St @ 8th St, New York City
by subway: A,C,E,B,D,F,V to West 4th

AMP said...

insane! wish i could teleport mein!

LG said...

oh jeezz, my life was better before I knew I was going to miss that

devastated in madrid

ppl gonna tell you to do just that, chuck said...

Yes - the rhythm, the rebel
Without a pause - I'm lowering my level
The hard rhymer - where you never been I'm in
You want stylin' - you know it's time again
D the enemy - tellin you to hear it
They praised the music - this time they play the lyrics
Some say no to the album, the show
Bum rush the sound I made a year ago
I guess you know - you guess I'm just a radical
Not a sabbatical - yes to make it critical
The only part your body should be parting to
Panther power on the hour from the rebel to you

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Designed to scatter a line of suckers who claim I do crime

Acrocosm said...

I've started a blog specializing in ambient techno, idm, ambient. A fair number of classics up already. Collection grows daily.

world's greatest DAD said...

thanks for this -- i listened to this at work yesterday for like five hours! so badass!