Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scientist - Dub In The Roots Tradition


Scientist - Dub In The Roots Tradition
Label: Blood And Fire
Record date : 1976-79
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Roots

Another compilation of dubs appearing for the first time ever on album. Producer Don Mais enlisted the talents of the 17-year old Scientist to mix the dub versions for his Roots Tradition label's B-sides. The cuts collected here present a fascinating insight into the young Dubmaster's early efforts, while the rhythms themselves, some played by an embryonic version of Roots Radics, mark the transition point from the reggae styles of the seventies into what would become known as dancehall.

1. King Tubby's Answer
2. Dub Bible
3. Dub 16
4. Pick Up The Dub
5. Don't Rush The Dub
6. No Dub Island
7. Love You Dub
8. When I Love Dub
9. See A Dub Face
10. One Man Dub
11. Sunshine Version
12. Dub Livity
13. Babylon Fight Dub
14. African Daughter Dub
15. Home Version

Mixing Engineer: Scientist
Producer: Don Mais
Drums: Style Scott, Fish Clarke, Santa Davis, Max Asher
Bass: Fully Fullwood, Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar: Chinna, Sowell
Keyboards: Bobby Kalphat, Steele, Keith Sterling, Gladdy Anderson
Saxophone: Deadly Headly
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis
Percussions: Bongo Herman
Recording Studios: Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA), Randy's (Kingston, JA)
Mixing Studio: King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)



ChipG said...

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Thank You, Great Site Man !!!