Monday, March 10, 2008

Various Artists - Dancehall Stylee


RE-UP 28 May 2008

Various Artists - Dancehall Stylee
Label: Trojan
Record date: 1979-85
Album style: Dancehall, Deejay, Reggae

1. Barry Brown - Dancehall Stylee
2. Barrington Levy - Sweet Reggae Music
3. Poppa Tollo - Get Ready And Reggae
4. Earl Sixteen - Some Gone Astray
5. Leroy Smart - Too Much Pressure
6. Purpleman - Trod Along
7. Don Carlos - Booming Ball
8. Sammy Dread - Labour Ward
9. Anthony Johnson - Dread Locks
10. Junior Keating - African Queen
11. Earl Cunningham - What A Day
12. Earl Sixteen - Play Play
13. Wayne Jarrett - Satta Dread
14. Jah Thomas - Dancehall Connection
15. Charlie Chaplin - Stur-Gav Special
16. Anthony Johnson - Natty Dread Come In A Dance
17. Don Carlos - Ababa John I
18. John Wayne - You Too Greedy
19. Earl Sixteen - Bad Company
20. Earl Cunningham - Violence And Crime
21. Don Carlos - Lazer Beam
22. Poppa Tollo - Nuff Stylee



Anonymous said...

these comps are mega killa!

johnnycakes said...

whoa! i thought these were gonna be some standard Trojan comps, but they've done some serious digging to present a lot of these titles. what a great set - fookin irie, mates!

4:28AM said...

good ups, but why rapidshare? it's bad! use massmirror, sharebee, mediafire, etc. rapidshare has fucking limits, man. if you wanna spread good music, fuck rapidshare.

larry the lobster said...

rapidshare debates are BORING! i hate when ppl choose to complain about FREE choonage.

Anonymous said...


4:28AM said...

what's boring is limited possibilities of downloads here and many other blogs, which, fortunately, switch more and more often to other providers. i'd rather read the description here and head to soulseek. it's more convenient than checking your watch if 4 hours passed. oh, still 17 minutes remained, let's have a smoke then.

if you rip off your favourite artists, at least make it with style and help spreading it.

XMP said...

don't be a dick. 231,000 visitors since July 2007 and only 2 or 3 complaints of sharing medium = not a priority concern. sorry bout it

AMP said...

4:28am - you are only limiting yourself with your selfish, alienating attitude. i wonder do you know what it's like to share of your own hard-earned collection, or are you simply all take and no give? no matter to me really. go smoke yer little smoke and do what thou wilt.

4:28AM said...

I don't like showing off or anything, but if you are asking - I'm sharing 55k mp3s on soulseek and this is my ratio on one private tracker -, my comp is working 24/7 and noone is paying me for doing so. That means uploading terabytes of data in last years.

I just say that rapidshare sucks, because it limits your downloads to 1-2 a day. So far I haven't seen here any reasonable argument FOR using it instead of, say mediafire, which has equally good d/l rates and does not limit anything. I believe that "alienating attitude" = uploading your files to a host which does not allow downloading them freely by anyone who wants to grab them all in one go. Because of "elitist" attitude, or just laziness? I don't know. Because of earning points for premium account? May be.

Anyways, the days of rapidshare are counted. Someone is offering better service FOR FREE. It's like IE vs Firefox. No offense. I respect the authors of this blog and other mp3 blogs around, but I just think some of them could do better job by changing the host or using distributed host.

XMP said...

No offense taken. Thanks for taking time out to let us know whats on your mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this stuff. As for rapidshare, man, for a start it doesn't limit you to 2 downloads a day, and if you pay for 24 unlimited download (which costs all of like 6 bucks) you could end up with a killer reggae collection just from trawling this site alone. Some people are pretty ungrateful if you ask me...

Anonymous said...

many many thanks on the dancehall bizness boh!

74virgo said...

Rapidshare good, Mediafire bad, always invalid quickkey or some other shite, just buy a months worth of premium downloads and your limits are gone or wait an hour before downloads. Who gives a shit anyways since we are being provided excellent music for FREE.
Thanks for the blog,especially all the dubs.

Anonymous said...

yo, p2p "sharing" is NOT the same as taking time and effort to create a blog, network among other bloggers and forums, rip of their own collection for which they have paid good money, upload to whatever hosting service they damn well choose (Rapidshare is still FREE by definition), create these posts, all to share for the joy of sharing and asking nothing in return except maybe a comment. no, not the same at all as downloading a bunch of other people's collections, allowing your computer to be a 'host', and then CLAIMING that you have uploaded such and such amount. that is some bullshit right there, boyo. your complaints and justifications for yourself are LAME! thanks to these bloggers for all their hard work!


on another note..XL recordings 2nd Chapter at the cocobasket.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah 4:28 has got some real credibility...

On Soulseek he can BAN you if you dont share files, on BitTorrent your ratio will kill you too.

On the blogs it's all you can eat, no questions asked or offered. Just go git em'.

Yet he still pisses and moans, a real twat.

This cat here is doing the damn best he can - show some respect.

XMP said...

thanks for all the kind remarks everyone. like clockwork we get maybe 1 or 2 rapidshhhh comments a year from people who don't have patience or $10 for premium account status. No worries. For the record, slsk has never appealed to me since you are relegated to kiss ass in order to receive download status from many hosts. Plus, you never know what you're really getting and quality is so-so. And the likelihood of picking up a virus from limewire or slsk is pretty high. The last p2p network that appealed to us was Audiogalaxy - which was awesome while it lasted.

AMP said...

R.I.P. Audiogalaxy. you are missed.

thanks for the tip, musical coco basket!

Nostro said...

Thank you for the xclnt dancehall. I haven't 'grabbed' any of it yet, but intend to do so. It will take me some time to get the 4 recent discs, but who cares really. I'm just grateful to be able to have the opportunity to listen to some ire sounds reggae stylee.

Reading through the above & often that RS discussion occurs elsewhere from time to time, I can't quite understand what everybody's rush is all about?

In so much as I find RS a tad annoying, if I was to d'load a stack of discs in 1 day there would simply be NO time for listening. After all isn't that what it's all about?

I often get the feeling that some folk are more interested in simply 'getting' music rather than listening & enjoying the experience of hearing new music or possibly a lost treasure etc.

I do prefer some other hosts to RS, (although certainly not Mediafire as it is very unreliable here in Aus - corrupt files etc), however I never complain & believe it is up to the individual to decide for themselves where they are going to host their files.

There are many reasons why this is so e.g. some hosts are very slow with upping, unreliable, people want to collect points Whatever I persons rationale maybe, it is still their choice.

Gratitude for a genuinely time consuming effort, rather than complaints about file hosts should be the order of the day!

Please keep up your fine efforts it is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

see your back and causing a bit off a stir then,
dont forget to update us here at springline,

who cork the dance special this easter friday where its chock full of oldschool dancehall from jay and andrew.

XMP said...

Thanks nostro - my thoughts exactly

Acrocosm said...

I've started a blog specializing in ambient techno, idm, ambient. A fair number of classics up already. Collection grows daily.

Anonymous said...

An excellent and eclectic collection...Thank you.

Zalman said...

Thanks for your nice blog and albums.

I just have a question.
Could you please provide this album?

I need the only album of "Roberto Aglieri". (Italy)
It's called:
"Ragapadani (1987)"

Some info:
Amazing ambient album, continual, minimal tones, acoustic flutes mixed with electronic background.

"Ragapadani" the title derives from the timelesness of oriental culture, appearing apparently like a flat uniform landscape.
When one listens to the individual tracks one is submerged in an intimate, naturalistic, meditative dimension. In each spheres one feels and senses the play between the sparkling reflective sunlight and the shadowy twilight. This is a type of play between popular (fairy tales) and reality. These diverse periods and cultures jazz, classical and traditional folk music are expressed, combined, theorized, developed and improvised into a personal expressive form. The music seems idealistic, or only concerned with the musician's inner Utopia, but it is a confrontation between technology and nature: the electronic sounds are merged with the flutes acoustic emission. And it works!

AMP said...

hi zalman - i have not heard of the Ragapadani, but it sounds like a killer. i'll be on the lookout for it!