Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kemet Crew - Champion Jungle Sound re-up

Kemet Crew - Champion Jungle Sound
Label - Kemet
Released - 1995
Style - Electronic, Ragga, Jungle, Amen Murda

* Special Request re-up!

Back to 1995 with this one. The era of real ruffneck Ragga Jungle; brutal Amens, a handful of Ya Bad Sistas, raggamuffin vocals about murder, gunshots and a rude amount of bass.

1 F.O.I. / Vernon Smith - The Seed (4:15)
2 Brainkillers / Remarc / Junior Saw* / Mr X. - Press The Buzzer (5:23)
3 Remarc - For Real (Remix) (4:19)
4 Lewi - Jungle Love (Part 2) (3:33)
5 Fusion - Live Good (Remix) (4:13)
6 F.O.I. - Champion Of Champions (3:52)
7 Brainkillers - Lovin' Part 1 (5:51)
8 Brainkillers / Schwarznegger - Soul Pill (Remix) (4:42)
9 Brainkillers / Schwarznegger - For Real (4:42)
10 Ribbs - Powering Through (3:13)
11 F.O.I. / Vernon Smith - The Fruit (6:16)
12 Missin - The Box Re-opens (5:50)
13 F.O.I. / Vernon Smith - The Fruit Version (6:21)
14 Lewi - Screwface (Hardcore Mix) (3:18)
15 Fusion - Burn It Down (4:22)
16 F.O.I. / Simpleton - Unity (5:30)

Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Bless up for the re-up!


heeeth said...

I requested and grabbed this the first time around, thanks again and again. It's a beautiful sound!

XMP said...

yeah its a good one to come back to every few months

Anonymous said...


warn reals said...

thanks for this. jungle of this style led me to discover so many other genres including dub/reggae. Never heard much of Kemet Crew the first time around. loving it!

Zalman said...

Thanks for your nice blog.
I enjoy most of the albums shared in this blog.

By the way,I have a request.
I have 2 tracks and I don't know who are the composers of these Themes.

I think they are composed by French or German musicians.

I want you to listen to them and tell me the name of the composers.

I hope you can help.

There are the tracks:
Track one:

Track Two:

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

avocado kid said...

right awn, thanks

XMP said...

zalman I have no idea - sorry wish I could help!

afrika doug said...

Just found yr blog - amazing sh*t!!! Lots of dub, raggae and hip hop goodies you've blessed us with here!

Any chance of a re-up on Tubby/Mudie's In a Dub Conference Pt 1? My favorite shit but my vinyl is worn hella out...

XMP said...

yes doug we will reup that per request for a limited time only! Keep an eye out - we'll post it up and probably put up a reminder post @ the top w/ fresh links. Thanks for support

afrika doug said...

Thanks!!!!! Will look out for it and check yr site on the regular - one of the best I've seen in a while!

Anonymous said...

its amazing! big ups

Champsound said...

Yes Kemet Records!!!

Champion Sound = a big sound!!!