Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jungle DnB Vinyl Rippertons - Encoded/Uploaded so far

Panacea - Tron (12 Inch  Mix).mp3
Download link:

Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix).mp3
Download link:

File name: Sci-Clone - El Son.mp3
Download link:

File name: Roni Size + Reprazent - Out Of The Game.mp3
Download link:

File name: Future Forces + Fierce - Imprint [A].mp3

File name: Future Forces + Fierce - Constant [B].mp3

File name: Immortal Minds - The City 3 [A].mp3

File name: Immortal Minds - Cosmic Jungle [B].mp3

File name: Majistrate - If.mp3

File name: Majistrate - Make It Happen.mp3

File name: The Abyss - Magic Glass [A].mp3

File name: The Abyss - The Future [B].mp3

File name: Sappo - Dope Man.mp3

File name: Sappo - Stomp Out.mp3

File name: K - Disconnected [A].mp3

File name: K - Evil Twin [B].mp3

File name: Paradox - Pandemonium.mp3

File name: Paradox - Coaxial.mp3

File name: Remarc - You And Me.mp3

File name: Remarc - In Da Hood.mp3

 * RARs *

File name: Carlito - Grapevine [Creative Source 5].rar

Carlito - Grapevine [A]
Carlito - Diffusion Room [B]

File name: Chromatix - Jive at Five [Ultraviolet].rar

Chromatix - Jive at Five [A]
Chromatix - Bring da Change [B]

File name: Doc Scott - Drumz '95.rar

Doc Scott - Drumz '95 Remix [A]
Doc Scott - Blue Skies [B]

File name: Foul Play - Volume V [1995].rar

Foul Play - The Stepper
Foul Play - Total Control

File name: 1990-95 Classic Jungle & Old Skool EP Vol 3.rar

Bad Girl - Bad Girl
Low Noise Black - Rave in the Bedroom
Noise Factory - Bring forth the Noise
Noise Factory - I wanna Feel the Music
Noise Factory - Set Me Free
Potential Bad Boy – Jungle Fever
Potential Bad Boy – Sister Sue
Potential Bad Boy – Warning

File name: Carlito + John B - Soulful Behaviour Pt 3.rar

Carlito - So Liquid
John B - Half Now, Half Later

File name: Paradox - Not For Outsiders [CIA].rar

Paradox - No Texture [A]
Paradox - Not For Outsiders [B]

File name: Solid State - Pure Funk (From Us To You) [Defunked 001].rar

 Solid State - Pure Funk (From Us To You) [A]
Solid State - Heavy Pain [B]

File name: Fellowship - Coming On Strong [Defunked 002].rar

Fellowship – Coming On Strong [A]
Fellowship – Retrospect [B]

File name: Fellowship - It's A Mystery [Defunked 004].rar

Fellowship – It's A Mystery [A]
Fellowship – Feelin Good [B]

File name: Razor - Resistance [Defunked 06].rar

Razor - Resistance [A]
Razor - Keep Up Distance [B]

Various - Hidden Rooms 02

Black Science Labs - Light Between Two Moons
Polar - Mind of a Killer

Various – History Of Our World  [NASA 1994].rar

4 Hero – Mr. Kirk's Nightmare
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares

Subject To Reason – Symphonix Pts. 1 & 2.rar

Subject To Reason - Symphonix Pt.1 [A]
Subject To Reason - Symphonix Pt.2 [B]


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Anonymous said...

Really nice rips, thanks!

flinttoyourfire said...

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