Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back from hiatus with some lush Armchair Electro!

Yes the proprietors of ICOOYS have taken a short hiatus to take care of family and life stuff, but it seems as if we've still been getting 700+ visits a day so that's fantastic.

We won't be posting stuff nearly as frequently as we used to, but we've got a secret cache of new/old material that we'll be posting at our leisure. Please do enjoy!

This first one was introduced to me by a certain Whalefish after a late late night (ahem) and lets just say the record made a profound impact on me. And it wasn't just due to lack of sleep. It truly is beautiful, emotive electronic music that had somehow slipped under my radar all these years. Co-produced by Plaid, this 2x12" is reminiscent of Warp's Artificial Intelligence-series production with subtle electronics, popping your emotions from left to right like a game of Pong. Love It. FYI - my 2 personal favorite tracks from this first 12" are the 3rd tunes from each side: 'Yip' and 'Il.' Sooooooooooo damn good!

Now Mr. Whalefish had 2 copies of this 2x12", but the one he let me borrow to rip had just the first record in it. So we're swapping that tomorrow night to get the 2nd 12" - I just couldn't wait to post it all at once, so here's the first one....

Normally, I would stay away from such hilarious reviews - but I found one review of this amazing record online - and it looks as if it were written after coming back from a rave or being up way too long. It's not a bad review - it's just really funny to me but still quite expressive and manages to articulate the emotional affect this record has on the listener. Here ya go:

(borrowed with love from http://www.spiderbytes.com/ambientrance/)

+ONE: Bare Necessities
(deFocus - 2000)

Sean Spencer is +ONE; add his singular synth-compositions with co-production from Plaid and you'll find an enticingly peculiar brand of electronica...

The cheerfully rambling ditties of Bare Necessities are crisp, clean and joyous. Synthesized sunshine illuminates interestingly crooked pathways through a cartoony funland.

Circus-like organ tones are battered by tiny robotic percussion as STICKER evolves into a peppy, happily bouncing entity of warm motes and twangy snippets. Bite into a dancier groove as NIBBLE chews up and spits out bubbling lows, twinkling highs and shapeless drifts, all to tight computerized syncopation. Quirky keyboarding occurs on various levels, all comingling somehow to become bright, blippy YIP.


+One - Bare Necessities
Label - DeFocus
Producer - Plaid
Written by - +One
Released - 2000
Style - AM IDM, Electro

12" #1 Tracklisting:
A1 Sticker
A2 Nibble
A3 Yip
B1 Shao
B2 Metro
B3 Il



Adam Stalker said...


i added your blog to links
on my blog :)

enjoying and hope you will enjoy too

XMP said...

no problem. got you in the blinks my man.

Mush said...

Some of this is great. Hurry up with that 2nd 12"! Many thanks!

XMP said...

hold tight! part 2 coming this weekend!

stephen in Poland said...

I've been digging around in your blog for a couple of weeks - some absolutely amazing stuff here (all the dub, Andrea Parker, the Brazilian things...), so eternal gratitude is on order.

Just on the off chance... Do you happen to have any rare Basic Channel 12"s? Or any nasty acid house (Phuture, Laurin X etc.)?

XMP said...

Stephen Pl: Thanks for the kind words! Just for you, I will do my best to dig up some Basic Channel rips and classic Chicago acid house. I've got some stuff scattered about but I can compile something substantial in the next couple weeks - so keep an eye out!

Zalman said...

It's a long time I'm looking for a Track.
Composer: disco citizen
Track: footprint

May I ask you to share it with me?

Thanks in advance.

Zalman said...

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I have a request about some terrific tracks that I want to know the name or composer of them.

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Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

love this +one

Gumble said...

Getting more and more into this one..
Still waiting for part 2!!

XMP said...

Posting it today! rearranged the ripping station now we're back in bizness.

Andy said...

Love this album. still a favourite and I still play Arabesk out in 5/10 sets.