Friday, July 20, 2007

Piero Umiliani - Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Soundtrack)

Piero Umiliani - Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Soundtrack)
Label - Easy Tempo
Recorded - 1968
Style - Bossa Nova, Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Library, Soundtrack, Easy Listening

(from Moviegrooves)
Piero Umiliani's classic soundtrack to Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Sweden, Heaven and Hell), directed by Luigi Scattini - the cult mondo movie from 1968 that purported to be a serious documentary about life in Sweden, but instead goes the way of the explotation mondo shockumentary and concentrates on showing scenes of wife swapping, porno movies, lesbian nightclubs, biker gangs, Walpurgis Night celebrations and examining Swedens drug, drinking and high suicide problems...

Contains the great/silly track "Mah Na' Mah Na'" that was covered by the Muppets, becoming a classic in its own right!

1. You Tried To Warn Me
2. Le Ragazze Dell'Arcipelago
3. Stoccolma My Dear
4. Mah Na' Mah Na' (Album Version)
5. Essere Donna
6. Notte Di Mezza Estate
7. Sequenza Psichedelica
8. Violenza
9. Fotomodelle
10. La Signora Cameriera
11. Solitudine
12. Free In Minore
13. Piano Bossa Nova
14. Stoccolma My Dear
15. Notte Di Messa Estate
16. Solitudine
17. Nel Cosmo
18. Topless Party
19. Solitudine
20. Eva Svedese
21. Hippies #1
22. Solitudine
23. Hippies #2
24. L'Uomo Interato
25. Samba Mah Na'
26. Orango E Chitarroni
27. Beer, Vermouth E Gin
28. Sleep Now Little One




Anonymous said...

Awesome posts my friend. Thanks for the Piero's. LP

P M X said...

where can i get one of these licorice pizzas? sounds yom

Anonymous said...

Old school for vinyl record. pops scratches and all. he he!

P M X said...

AH! Now I know everything.